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Sketckes: Imitation

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Written by arpitgarg

July 13, 2015 at 8:13 pm

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Open Letter to Mr. MoneyHungry Goswami

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If you are a dog, admit it and fetch a bone. Don’t pretend to be a tiger. You stand exposed. Today nation wants to know when would you admit, you sensationalize for ratings, for hunger of money. Nation wants to know when would you admit that you advertise yourself a crusader just to earn money. Nation wants to know if this low self-esteem that makes you do it or there is something wrong biologically?

Admit that you pick and choose news that suits your English speaking target audience so that you get TRP’s and money. You have no interest of nation at heart.

Admit it that if you feel there won’t be TRP’s you drop the news, no matter how important it is to the nation.

Admit it you are worst kind of hypocrite that can be as you cherry pick new under guise of media freedom.

Admit it you are just a self boasting thug and not a crusader as you project yourself. “We have broken all scams. We have broken all scams. We have highest TRP’s. We have highest TRP’s”. Why so much boasting?

Few examples Why I say so?

1. Where is round the clock coverage of 100 people dying by poisonous alcohol? Why not relentless reporting on it? Because you feel your English speaking target audience won’t care much of 100 poor people dying. Lalit Modi episode will give you more eyeballs. Isn’t that it?

2. Why no relentless reporting on VVIP racism when it comes to media. That media people are today’s worst VVIP’s is no secret. Be it toll plaza, be it quid pro quo.

3. Why no relentless reporting against Times of India when it abused Deepika Paukone. Why no “Nation wants to know and Times of India Shame” when TOI puts cheap headlines shaming women on its website?

4. Why no relentless reporting against Rajiv Shukla on IPL corruption issue? Coz he was a journalist, is that so?

5. Why only targeting the Govt? Why not people in opposition even on important issues? Since targeting Govt gives you ready audience of anti-incumbent people. The TRP’s. Huh! Is this true reporting. What else explains your silence on Pawar, Chibamram, Tharoor on IPL scandal? Though I agree BJP has lost it.

Mr. MoneyHungry Goswami, do things not for money and I will call you a crusader. Else admit you do things for eyeballs and TRP’s and don’t care about objective and balanced reporting. You have turned Investigative Journalism into Sensationalism Journalism. By blatant biasness due to lust for TRP’s, you have opened media to brickbats and have put independence of media into jeopardy, you foolish, TRP hungry, money lusting of a man!

Written by arpitgarg

July 4, 2015 at 1:50 am

Shallow Indians? Yoga Day Begging for International Approval

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guinness-yoga-recordSo Yoga day which reverberated with Made In India, was rejoiced by Indians for setting 2 Guinness World Records. Am I the only one to notice the irony?

See the image on the left, Ministry of Ayush being handed over the Guinness certificates by a foreigner. This celebrated image reeks of approval that we are seeking from foreigners. Continue Reading

Written by arpitgarg

June 23, 2015 at 2:21 am

Ola going the Nestle way: Degrading Quality

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 I used to admire Ola a lot. A start-up that solved the commuting headache of evolving India. I have used Ola in metro cities Mumbai, Delhi and have admired their service. Nice ride, with informed drivers. Ola service centre provided good guidelines to the drivers which I think helped them to service customers.

However what I faced recently in Agra, was a very bad experience. I called a cab. A very old and bad looking cab came to pick me up. “How does looks matter. I just need a ride”, thinking this, I got in the cab. Now the cab started shaking as the ride started. At the very first turn, driver then hit a two wheeler which fell down and needed helping to picked up. I realized it was not the drivers fault, the brake was at fault. The car was so old, it was not in a position to run smoothly. Gates opened only on one side, AC was not cooling the cab.

Then came the next part, Driver asked me money for Diesel. Hell! I told him, I have recharged my Ola cash, and couldn’t pay cash. Poor driver didn’t understood what I was talking about. Apparently, cab belonged to some local heavyweight, who run 4-5 cabs with Ola and have hired drivers to drive his cars. This driver didn’t know anything about how Ola cab worked. In fact I have to remind him to click “Start Journey” on his device after 500m or so. And he was like, “Sir kuch upar se de dena 500 m ke, boss gaali dega warna”.

Coming back to the diesel. He stopped the car and called his boss. He told that passenger won’t pay cash and diesel is running out. “Aapne subah bas 3 litre dalwaya tha sir, aur paise bhi nahin diye aapne”. I heard him telling his boss.

Anyway, a shaky ride with me praying at every turn ensued. As I was still to reach the destination, driver stopped again. “Aap yahin pe utar jao. Main aage nahin jaoonga. Boss yahin pe aake petrol bharwa dega. Mujhe dhakka nahin lagana”. I told him that I won’t argue with him. I will complain to Ola. “Aap jo bhi karo, kar lo. Meri gaadi nahin hai. Mujhe kya. Waise bhi yeh gaadiyaan Nisaar sahab ki hain. Unka kuch nahin kar sakte Ola waale. Saalon ko Agra mein Ola chalaani hai toh Nisaar sahab se panga Ola waalon ka baap bhi nahin le sakta. Agra mein Ola band karwa denge sahab”.

I got down. Waited for a rickshaw for a while; Took the rickshaw and got to my destination.

I enquired further as to the root cause. The issue is lack of checks by Ola. People are buying old, debilitating cars for 50,000 bucks. They get 36,000 per month from Ola. Keep a driver @ 6000. Diesel for another 8000 bucks around per month. Clear 22000/- profit per month. Since the cab is old, no burden of EMI’s. I came to know such practice is rampant in Tier-2/3 cities like Agra, where they say, “Bas call aata hai, koi check karne to aata nahin hai, ki kitni ghatiya car hai”.

I say Ola has gone Nestle way because, Swiss company Nestle think of Indians as Poor people and apply different quality checks for Indian and Switzerland/US/UK. Same is being done by Ola. They are applying different standards and responses to Metros Delhi/Mumbai/Bengaluru and to Tier-2/3 cities. In a bid to expand quality is being degraded.

I complained over the phone. Got a lot of apologies from call centre executive of Ola. They promised me refund. I asked them I don’t need the refund. I want to know when they will ban such cabs and improve quality checks. Otherwise it’s a tragedy waiting to happen with such gundaism.

Written by arpitgarg

June 20, 2015 at 11:46 am

Lalit Modi, Sushma Swaraj saga: Who said what and What they really meant

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Disclaimer: This post is an art of fiction, laced with humour and should be read accordingly.
Time is a great leveller. The Lalit-Sushma saga that has been unfolding has brought a lot of people riding on morally high horse, thrashing to the ground. Like all of you, I have been following the story, given a lot of free time I have! A lot of people has given a lot of statements over last few days.
Obviously they were camouflaging the real statements. Let’s try and find out what they really meant.

1. Sushma Swaraj:

What she said?

I took a humanitarian view. What benefit did I pass on to Lalit Modi – that he could sign consent papers for surgery of his wife suffering from Cancer ?

What she really meant?

Phas Gayi ri Sushma. Thought Lalit Modi was some relative of Narendra Modi. Ek Modi ne Minister banaya. Doosra le dooba. A lot of people are dying in India. Lot’s of slum dwellers right here in Delhi. I am happy that their slums are demolished. No humanitarian consideration for them. But Modi is the new Gandhi. All should know. 

2. Rahul Gandhi:

What he said:

Who is Lalit Modi? He is man of black money. Now Narendra Modi ji is saving another Modi. BJP can say all they want to, but the truth is that PM is saving a man with black money.

What he really meant:

Everyone who cut my holiday short, have to bear the brunt now. And I really don’t know Why is Lalit Modi? Please help me out here. I don’t even know what black money is, I only know black coffee. They handed me a script and I just read it. Waiting for next foreign holiday…

3. Rajnath Singh:

What he said:

We want to make it clear that whatever she has done is right. We justify it and the government completely stands by her.

What he really meant:

Bhad me Jao Sab ke Sab. Mere beta toj jaise taise bach gaya. Abki baar, Sushma ki Haar. I am least interested in all this. My post has anyways be made ceremonial by Modiji. Do whatever you want to do. I am too old for all this now.

4. Digvijay Singh:

What he said:

I want to ask the Prime Minister, I want to ask finance minister, why are they keeping quiet? Is he a fugitive? We want to know?

What he really meant:

I want go ask God, “Why Rahul Gandhi…Why…What mistake have I done”? I want to ask Sonia Gandhi, why she brought Rahul to the world? Is he really human? We want to know? Uh…My Son got married…now time for me to get married. Yay!

5. P. Chidambaram:

What he said:

The complete answer to Mr Lalit Modi’s accusations against UPA can be found in the letters to the UK Chancellor. Release them.

What he really meant:

I retired knowing that I won’t be re-elected. I walk fast and look busy, it keeps from knowing how dumb I am. I got a zero in Economics 101 in exam. What else could I give the country. I myself lost crores in share market. And they wonder why economy was ruined!. Ha…ha.

6: Lalu Yadav:

What he said:

Sushma Swaraj is a woman. She should not be pestered over the issue. Political parties should not pester her more.

What he really meant:

Ei toh saala hona hi tha. Ab chara kha ke gobar hi niklega, sona toh nahin niklega. She is a woman, don’t pester her. I am a senior citizen. Don’t pester me too. Waise bhi bahut preshan hoon, budbak!

7: Ram Gopal Yadav:

What he said:

Political parties often help people on humanitarian grounds. Sushma Swaraj has a long outstanding political career. Why will she take a favour from Lalit Modi?. It was totally on humanitarian grounds.

What he really meant:

My minister got a reporter burnt alive. Central Govt. hasn’t yet asked for details. You should know why. Tu meri kuhja, mein teri khujaoon! We also need the help on same humanitarian grounds to sustain the Jungle Raaj!

8. Sharad Pawar:

What he said:

I bumped into Lalit Modi while having lunch at a London restaurant three-four weeks ago. I told him he should come back to India and face the law. 

What he really meant:

What a bump that was. Like a bump caught! Junta is fool. They have believed my nonsense all this time. They will believe this too. I bumped into Lalit Modi in the big London city while having Lunch by chance. They will also believe that I advised him to face the law. They will also believe I am the Queen of England

9. Arun Jaitley:

What he said:

Swaraj’s decisions were bonafide and she acted in good faith. The entire government and party are one on the matter. The minister is capable of taking decisions on her own. When she needs to seek government approval she will do that.

What he really meant:

Foreign relations have improved faster than the economy. She was edging past me in performance. Good riddance! Goverment and party is together on the conclusion that She has taken her the decision all alone. So please humko baksho.

10. Kirti Azad:

What he said:

#BJPs #AsteenKaSaanp & #Arnab conspire against BJP leaders. Guess the snake? IStandWithSushmaSwaraj @SushmaSwaraj

What he really meant:

Because of Jaitley, I couldn’t rise in Cricket Administration. I stand with anyone who is against Jaitley. Waise bhi mujhe kuch bhi bolne ki aadat hai. Meri sunta hi kaun hai!

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June 17, 2015 at 6:00 pm

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Fugitive aided by Indian External Affairs Minister

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BJP is getting tangled in its own web of high moral ground and propriety. Latest one is Sushma Swaraj.

Such acts were common during Congress regime and BJP never lost an opportunity to hammer on it. Now the tables have turned. A person, who is on the run from India and has a lookout notice against him, is helped by Minister of External affairs with direct intervention to able to travel.
The argument being made is of “Humanitarian Grounds”. Big Fat Joke! The person in return is in touch with husband of the Minister and thanks him for the generosity of the Minister. This reeks of rottenness.
Now Govt. will officially help the fugitives on the run? Is that it? Ok. So Minister helped him. Did she make any effort to get him deported to India to face the law of the land? No! When a phone call from her can get him travel documents, doesn’t she have any power to bring him back to India to face trial?
It saddens me to see a set of thugs (Congress beneficiaries), being replaced by another set of thugs. Same old story, Same old excuses, Same old me, Same old you, Same old Country!

Written by arpitgarg

June 15, 2015 at 1:05 am

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Few New Blogs

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Written by arpitgarg

June 12, 2015 at 9:08 pm

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