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Trump puts final nail into Bush Dynasty

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trump_bush.jpgSo, Donald Trump has done what no one has dared to do. He called George W Bush a liar for misleading people about WMD’s and going into war on Iraq. “They lied about WMD’s. There were no WMD’s”, Trump said from the Republican Primary debate stage. He also said that blame lay on George Bush for the 3000 lives lost in 9/11 as he was the President then.

For Republican Party this is a heresy. A strict, no go zone. For any other candidate, this would have spelled the end of it. What about Trump? First of all, people who say that Trump should not have addressed this historical fact and set the records straight are living in a dream. Honesty is always welcome. And this could have been addressed only by Trump. Even Democrats could never have done this so vociferously. But Trump is Trump.

First of all he is not a career politician needing a culmination to his career by being a President. He is a billionaire businessman who has achieved all. Secondly he does not depend on campaign donations from special interests and donors (as he put them), and hence there is no pressure of campaign money drying off. It helps him to express himself freely.

Any liberal who is against the war and doesn’t speak against illegal immigration, would have been labeled soft and anti-national for criticizing war on Iraq or putting blame of 9/11 on Bush. A liberal would have been taken to cleaners and consolidated the conservatives. But Trump is a not a liberal. He calls to knock out ISIS. He calls to bomb the sh** out of them. He calls to deport illegal immigrants and anchor babies (as he calls them). He berates Mexicans, Canadian, and Chinese for taking US jobs. Since he is seen as hard on terror and illegal immigration, he can’t be labelled soft.

Hence he and only he could have derided Bush for lying about WMD’s to wage Iraq war to repent for his sin to let 9/11 happen. He is a person who is rooting to get jobs back to US. He is rooting to Make America Great Again. He is appealing to people who have long been neglected. And he his tough on Terror. He is what you can call hybrid, first Democrat-Republic in last 200 years, since Quincy Adams (though Trump is openly only Republican). His support base is wider. He comes out as an honest crusader who tells the truth, no matter if has potential to harm him.

People want to someone like him who is a doer, after 7 years of unfulfilled Obama promises.


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February 16, 2016 at 2:17 pm

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