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Why BJP lost Delhi?

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More than the AAP victory, I consider this BJP’s loss. Delhi was with Modi and yet somehow it was lost. What happened?

1. 7 month > 1.5 month: BJP kept harping on 49 days AAP Govt but did nothing for Delhi in 7 months they ruled indirectly via Centre.

2. LG the puppet: You would remember BJP people raising hue and cry on AAP for raising fingers on LG. LG is constitutional post. Let LG call us first etc. This used to be the Congress line. People of Delhi saw that and decided to teach them a lesson.

3. Black money: Lethargy over black money. People elected BJP not to form SIT and gloat, they did so that black money is brought back. No out of the box acts by Govt to bring back black money did it in.

4. Communal Tension: Unlike in Lok Sabha election, Hindu vote didn’t get polarized. Attacks on churches, communal statements by BJP leaders and silence of Modi was too much to handle for people.

5. Acche Din: The promise was of instant relief and people wanted just that. Nothing changed on the ground and Modi was not able to communicate to people that he required more time.

6. Arrogance: I wrote recently that arrogance shown by BJP spokespersons was just like the one shown by Congress people in the past. BJP took people for granted in their arrogance.

7. Bad mouthing: Bad mouthing a good man like Kejriwal didn’t help. People were angry with Kejri for running away. But they still considered him a good person. Bad mouthing him like Modi did in Maha, Haryana and Jharkhand was not accepted by people.

8. UPA 3: BJP has started to turn into UPA 3. Crony capitalism continues. Loot of country continues. Kejriwal was able to bring home this point.

9. Bedi: Though not a major reason. Opportunist Bedi drove away whatever voters were left with BJP.


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February 14, 2015 at 6:41 pm

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Real reason for decline of AAP

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When Aam Aadmi party (AAP) rose to power in Delhi, it was through sheer hard work. Youngsters all across the country marched to Delhi to realize a collective dream. How many times in life have they wanted to overthrow the corrupt in power! When the opportunity presented itself, it was lapped up. A mass movement resulted in a landmark political event.

AAP was just a bunch of common man like us. One who wears his emotions on his sleeve; who wants change today rather than tomorrow; who regales in revolution; who is fed up of years of exploitation.

AAP touched issues that were not prime-time before. They were known to all but no one dared speak. Issues which affected rulers and opposition alike; issues which hit the source of funds in politics. Be it Ambani, be it Gadkari, be it Vadra or be it Khurshid. No one was left unabashed. We regaled. Common man had finally found his voice. Rise and acceptance of AAP showed why masses like vigilantes and why classes hate them.

However, people who spoke of and supported them passionately are decreasing. If my tea-time conversations are any proof, the trend is alarming. AAP has undergone a sea change. With various committees, sub–committees, spokespersons, media managers and the entourage, it has relegated itself to be a clone of other parties. It is raising issues no different than say Congress, SP or BSP.

What is hurting it the most is the erosion of working class base. It was not just a vote bank; it was a passionate support structure. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think Kejriwal’s resignation is the cause. In fact his popularity had only increased then.

It all began with Kejriwal taking on Modi, AAP bashing BJP. It was the Lok Sabha campaign that did it in. It found itself in the same boat as Congress and bore the brunt of acquired anti-incumbency. Had AAP not bashed Modi, it would still have lost the elections, but would not have lost respect. Speaking against Modi was not the voice of common man.

What it failed to realize was that its supporters were just a subset of Modi followers. Kejriwal was just beginning while Modi had a track record of performance. It’s sad to see AAP still doing the same on TV debates. To stand out from the herd of opposition, it has to act differently. Modi is bound to goof-up sooner or later. You will have your chance. Till then find another target.

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September 3, 2014 at 1:55 pm

Delhi Elections: Make or Break

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Power struggle in Delhi has intensified. Impending elections in sight, Centre is trying to woo the voters with clean-up drive across the city. Detractors see inability to rein inflation and absence of knee-jerk reforms to be Govt.’s undoing; huge promises to outdo the fact that they just can’t be fulfilled in such a short span.

Amidst all this, we have failed to notice something substantial, which for me could shape Govt.’s future. The DDA flat allotment. In the past there has been rampant corruption in this much subsidized property allotment.

This DDA draw would be an acid test for the Centre which is ruling Delhi by proxy. Any whiff of corruption and the fortress will come crashing down. People will give Govt. time to fix inflation, poverty etc, but deliberate corruption, they just won’t accept.

Govt. would be well aware of this. It’s interesting to see what protocols it puts in place so as the lottery goes through without rigging. It’s a humongous task given much entrenched corruption across the spectrum. This would also be the first major test for the Govt. against the power dealers and brokers.

Most of us will bet the Govt. to fail. Come on, for once, prove us wrong!

Written by arpitgarg

August 25, 2014 at 3:56 pm

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