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Jaitely and Shah: Not the best person to defend Modi

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shah_jaitley_modi_degree.jpgModi degree issue not seems to be ending anytime soon. With Kejriwal attaching the issue with Agusta, BJP has gone all out to defend Modi. In a press conference, Shah and Jaitely came out with what they called the real BA/MA degrees of Modi.

As per my earlier position, it doesn’t matter to me whether Modi has/does not have degree. But this press conference from Shah and Jaitley was not a well thought one. No two worse people could have come out in defense of PM Modi. Come’on, you couldn’t get any better people than pretentious Jaitely and Power Broker Shah?

I understand after yesterdays rally by AAP alleging match fixing between BJP and Congress for Degree-Agusta issue, there was a need for BJP to defend itself. But these were not the right people to do it. Both of them are not liked even by Modi supporters. Jaitley and Shah are looked upon as all that is wrong with the Govt and the Party. Fronting these two people? What more I can say.

It is just like what Congress used to do. Remember the times when Kapil Sibbal used to hold such press conferences. He used to defend UPA in 2G/CWG/Coal and what not. The only credibility he had was when he stood in front of the mirror. For public at large he was arrogant Lutyens Delhi power elite. His defense hurt Congress more than it helped. BJP is doing the same. Jaitley and Shah are not the right people to have come out in Modi’s defense.

Modi should know better. For me I don’t need any justification from Modi. And certainly not from people like Jaitley and Shah!


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May 9, 2016 at 8:28 pm

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Modi Degree issue and underlying hypocrisy

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modi_degree.jpgLet me make my position clear on the Degree issue of PM Modi before going into the critique of the situation. I don’t think degree holds any weightage for becoming a PM/CM or any elected official. Unless public education becomes free, State can’t put any weightage on formal education at least for election purposes. Informal education which comes from hardships of life does not make anyone less human. First the society makes education out of the reach of poor people and then wants to put bar on people for the lack of it. This can’t work. Although no one is barred in India but I have seen a trend brewing.

For me if Modi has or doesn’t have a degree, it doesn’t make him any less qualified to lead our nation.

Getting that out of the way let me come to the current issue. This is not primarily about PM’s qualification but about the disclosures made in election affidavits. Here comes the hypocrisy part. For me anyone is free to enquire about PM’s degree disclosed in the affidavit and has every right to file an RTI demanding the same. But I see a lot of people taking exception to it. “How dare someone ask for Modi’s degree?” is the sentiment. I feel it is utterly wrong.

When Sonia’s qualifications are questioned, When Smriti’s qualifications are questioned, When Tomar’s qualifications are questioned, When Lalu Yadav’s son’s qualifications are questioned, one should keep some parity. We react as per our liking of the leader in question. Sonia degree issue crops up and BJP slams her to be a liar. Tomar’s degree issue and he spent few nights in jail and had to resign as a Minister. But when Smriti Irani and Modi are questioned, it is sacrilege.

Same I will say about Congress and other opposition parties. When their leaders are questioned its witch hunting but when you question the other side, it’s your right?

I feel enquiring Modi’s degree via RTI is okay. Anyone has the right. No one should cry foul. If you do then you have to address all the past positions taken by you. And if you don’t address them, it will expose your hypocrisy. Fun part is I haven’t seen Modi himself complaining, just the new breed of sycophants shouting their lungs out.

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May 5, 2016 at 2:58 pm

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In Gandhi’s India, Why the fuss about Kejriwal’s attire?

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kejriwal_chappal.jpgSo, I read that a person has sent 364 bucks to Mr. Kejriwal to buy a pair of shoes. A lot of similar minded individuals have opined the same. “He should have known to wear better. After all he was attending an official function.”

I am sure there will be debates all through the week on this topic. It will involve a lot of name calling and what not. Today I don’t want to touch the politics of it. I just want to touch the stupidity of all this.

Couple of years back Congress, who put Anna behind bars for his fast-unto-death, totally forgot that it was such fast-unto-deaths by Gandhi which were instrumental in the freedom movement. Now it is such people who totally forgot that simplicity is what Gandhi taught us.

I wonder what such people would have said to Gandhi when he went to round table conferences in Britain wearing almost nothing.

Maybe Kejriwal is doing all this for publicity. But he is doing what Gandhi taught us and is the foundation of our great nation. People, who can’t digest this, are well within their right to digress. But they should not be celebrated. They should be ignored.

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February 4, 2016 at 6:33 pm

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Kejriwal: Just another Neta?

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kejri.jpgCommunal riots in Malda has been in news for around a week now. Mamta Banerjee and her ilk, has reacted as expected. Deafening silence in the name of appeasement. BJP has been high on vocals and justifiably so, after long they are on the right. Among this there are two politicians I want to concentrate. Modi and Kejriwal on Dadri and Malda.

Modi has been silent on both and let his Govt. speak. Kejriwal has been vocal on Dadri but ‘finger on your lips’ on Malda. And this saddens me. We expected better.

You take on Jaitley, people support you. You do odd/even, people support you. You go to Dadri, people support you. You set up commission on 1984, people support you. But if you now be selective like Award Waapsi Brigade, how do you expect people to support you?

You took a stand on Dadri. You need to take a stand on Malda. I am not saying you speak on anything and everything but you should have some parity. When reporters ask you on Malda, you rush away. That’s purely disgraceful. People of Delhi might be with you for your good governance. But you are losing a lot of your supporters by such hypocrisy.

It is expected of Mamta, Nitish, Lalu, Gandhi, the whole AwardWaapsi gang, but it’s not expected of you. There is still time. Course correct and don’t become another run of mill the minority appeasing majority leader. Call a spade a spade.

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January 12, 2016 at 10:10 pm

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Shame to Shame

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Not sure what exactly has gone wrong, but a lot has evidently. It’s not that I am a gullible person but all too sudden double speak by Modi Govt has taken me aback. How the mighty have fallen and continuously do so.

Consider this, Arun Jaitely recently said that indirectly elected Upper House can’t hold the passage of bills and is a threat to democracy. This statement is against the very core of constitution. Upper house represents the states, which under the federal structure is a must. Centre was not envisioned to be all too powerful and states were given rights to decide for themselves. In Centre the Upper House plays this role.

Being the leader of the party in the Upper House, this smacked of all too hypocrisy. Anyways, one could have discounted this as his genuine personal view. But what his party is doing with Delhi Govt. via Lt. Governor is the same. According to BJP, Opposition is not letting elected Govt work. And BJP is not letting elected Delhi Govt work. Shame to Shame.

Hypocrisy, thou art a bitch!

Written by arpitgarg

May 18, 2015 at 9:50 pm

Real reason for decline of AAP

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When Aam Aadmi party (AAP) rose to power in Delhi, it was through sheer hard work. Youngsters all across the country marched to Delhi to realize a collective dream. How many times in life have they wanted to overthrow the corrupt in power! When the opportunity presented itself, it was lapped up. A mass movement resulted in a landmark political event.

AAP was just a bunch of common man like us. One who wears his emotions on his sleeve; who wants change today rather than tomorrow; who regales in revolution; who is fed up of years of exploitation.

AAP touched issues that were not prime-time before. They were known to all but no one dared speak. Issues which affected rulers and opposition alike; issues which hit the source of funds in politics. Be it Ambani, be it Gadkari, be it Vadra or be it Khurshid. No one was left unabashed. We regaled. Common man had finally found his voice. Rise and acceptance of AAP showed why masses like vigilantes and why classes hate them.

However, people who spoke of and supported them passionately are decreasing. If my tea-time conversations are any proof, the trend is alarming. AAP has undergone a sea change. With various committees, sub–committees, spokespersons, media managers and the entourage, it has relegated itself to be a clone of other parties. It is raising issues no different than say Congress, SP or BSP.

What is hurting it the most is the erosion of working class base. It was not just a vote bank; it was a passionate support structure. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think Kejriwal’s resignation is the cause. In fact his popularity had only increased then.

It all began with Kejriwal taking on Modi, AAP bashing BJP. It was the Lok Sabha campaign that did it in. It found itself in the same boat as Congress and bore the brunt of acquired anti-incumbency. Had AAP not bashed Modi, it would still have lost the elections, but would not have lost respect. Speaking against Modi was not the voice of common man.

What it failed to realize was that its supporters were just a subset of Modi followers. Kejriwal was just beginning while Modi had a track record of performance. It’s sad to see AAP still doing the same on TV debates. To stand out from the herd of opposition, it has to act differently. Modi is bound to goof-up sooner or later. You will have your chance. Till then find another target.

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September 3, 2014 at 1:55 pm

Obama 2.0

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When a certain Mr. Kejriwal stormed the Indian political scene, my wait was over. This wait dates back to when Mr. Obama was elected the runaway President of world’s leading democracy. More than his deeds, it was his gift of gab that nailed it. A certain slogan, plummeting economy, and need for change. That’s all what was needed.

I wondered will it be ever possible in a country like India, where majority of the rural India, still owes its allegiance to Nehru, Indira or Vajpayee. Just then we saw the emergence of a new force. City-State of Delhi was the perfect playground for this experiment.

A need for change, heaps of corruption and an innovative election symbol was all what was needed. Whatever be the election results tomorrow, my wait has ended.

I have been critical of Obama as for me he never rose above his speeches. Will Mr. Kejriwal can go any further is a question only time can answer.

But what I like about all this is, Democracy’s true color has come out in India. If you can talk well, sky is yours!

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December 7, 2013 at 8:17 pm

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