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Obama 2.0

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When a certain Mr. Kejriwal stormed the Indian political scene, my wait was over. This wait dates back to when Mr. Obama was elected the runaway President of world’s leading democracy. More than his deeds, it was his gift of gab that nailed it. A certain slogan, plummeting economy, and need for change. That’s all what was needed.

I wondered will it be ever possible in a country like India, where majority of the rural India, still owes its allegiance to Nehru, Indira or Vajpayee. Just then we saw the emergence of a new force. City-State of Delhi was the perfect playground for this experiment.

A need for change, heaps of corruption and an innovative election symbol was all what was needed. Whatever be the election results tomorrow, my wait has ended.

I have been critical of Obama as for me he never rose above his speeches. Will Mr. Kejriwal can go any further is a question only time can answer.

But what I like about all this is, Democracy’s true color has come out in India. If you can talk well, sky is yours!

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December 7, 2013 at 8:17 pm

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