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Ek Main Aur Ek Tu: Seriously!

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Recently I saw Ek Main Aur Ek Tu (EMAET) featuring Imran (Rahul) and Kareena (Riana). It was tad slow but a good time pass. The movie was meandering towards an expected finale when the director decided to surprise us. Under the pretext of mature ending, Rahul and Riana decided to be Just Friends.

I couldn’t help but LOL literally. How do people let themselves be manipulated like this? Rahul was happy with his life at the end. He was fine with continuing his friendship in the hope of she agreeing to marriage someday. I have serious issues with people who use this Just Friends after egging the other person on. I have further issues with guys/girls who let themselves into this honey trap.

What I hate is Friendship being insulted, which for me is one of the most sacred relationships. If it’s Friendship, it should not be affected by gender. Right? A friend can be a guy or a girl; one should have similar dedication and feeling towards him/her if they are just friends. Agreed? However most of the people never stick to it. The least they can do is be honest about it.

“He took me out for dinner to Taj last night. He is just a friend of mine”. Huh! First of all there are no free lunches dear. Would he have taken a male friend of his to an equally lavish dinner at Taj? Everyone knows the answer. Stop justifying and just admit that you too were leading on.

In EMAET, Rahul is highly ignorant, or we can say he is too blind in love. He is happy at that very moment coz the girl he loves is there to give him company and he hopes that she will marry him someday. What he doesn’t understand is that Riana has specifically explained her position of being Just Friends. Hence she has no commitment and she needs to give no reason for the break-up. What would happen if one day Riana comes and says, “Hi Rahul meet my boyfriend James”. She would have committed no sin, after all she had already told him that they are nothing more than friends and that’s that.

What would happen to Rahul then? He will be devastated. During a breakup, at least you get to know a reason, you argue, fight and split. Here it’s simple plain stupidity. He won’t even be able to ask Why? This is what happens when a guy who has never been in a relationship gets smitten by a girl who has been in string of relationships and vice-versa. To top of it, throw in Just Friends and you being blind in love try to live in the moment and accept it.

It was one of the silliest ending I could have imagined. In real life, guys like Rahul deserve all the pain and agony they face, coz they are that stupid. He should have moved on when he had a fight. If he decided to be just friend, he should have quashed all hopes of the marriage, started afresh.

Anyways for me the ending turned out to be fun and I had a good days’ laugh. Also it gave me a topic to write about.

Written by arpitgarg

February 23, 2012 at 10:14 pm

जीवन जीना क्या है

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कुछ दिन से सोच रहा था कि लिख डालूँ,
आते आते हाथ पे बात रुक जाती थी पर,
कुछ खट्टे मीठे अनुभव हुए हाल में,
उनसे मैंने जाना, जीवन जीना क्या है|

गर उस रोज़ सड़क से मैं गुजरा न होता,
मौत को अपनी बाहों में सिमटा न होता,
खून का रंग लाल कभी जान न पाता,
मृत्यु क्या होती अकाल पहचान न पाता|

उस दिन गर मैं भूखा सोया न होता,
करवट बदल बदल तडपा रोया न होता,
बेकारी क्या होती है, चुभ न पाती,
पी कर पानी भी डकार कभी न आती|

उस दिन उस कुकुर ने नोचा न होता,
मैंने अगर उसे गुस्से से दुत्कारा  न होता,
पता न चल पाता कि अपना होता क्या है,
दुलार दुत्कार में अंतर न कभी मैं पाता|

उस दिन उस पीड़ित को गर छोड़ा न होता,
कराह कि आह को कभी महसूस न पाता,
धूप छाँव पैसे से जो सब एक हुई थी, बदली,
पैरों के छाले क्या होते मैंने आखिर जाना|

सन्नाटे की आहट से मैं गुजरा न होता,
उस सर्द भरी रात में गर ठिठुरा न होता,
नंग, ठण्ड की तपन से मैं वाकिफ न होता,
पल पल लुटने के डर से सहमा न होता|

पर जो कुछ भी हो, आग से गुजर के देखा,
बिन खडाऊं के काटों पर चलकर देखा,
गहरे पानी में सांसों की तड़प को देखा ,
औ चक्की के दो पाटों में पिसकर देखा|

कुछ दिन से सोच रहा था कि लिख डालूँ,
आते आते हाथ पे बात रुक जाती थी पर,
कुछ खट्टे मीठे अनुभव हुए हाल में,
उनसे मैंने जाना, जीवन जीना क्या है||

Written by arpitgarg

February 19, 2012 at 1:26 pm

Sunny Leone and Swadeshi

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“The way characters like Sunny Leone are being celebrated and thrust upon us socially, incidents like this were just waiting to happen”, quipped a lady friend of mine, seemingly annoyed with what has happened in Karnataka Assembly.

The literati of India has always supported making pornography legal, citing bans to be signs of cultural repression aka Taliban. The people who go lengths as to how porn is an art and as to why restrictions surrounding it must go, fall short of answering one question, “Do they share same views with respect to a porn star”.

Will they encourage their children to take up this profession, the way they would encourage them to become say a cricketer or a film star? We don’t even have to wait for an answer, given the uncomfortable and insulted look on their faces.

Sunny Leone is admittedly the first famous and celebrated porn star in India. Still she is someone we would want to enjoy, not emulate as a role model.

We would like the porn stars to be some aliens, existing just in the movies and not in the society. Would we rent out our house to a known porn star? Would we share social space with him/her. Accepting adult video and accepting the people working in them has to go together. It can’t be a one way race.

It is also a reality that most of the young kids have easy exposure to these movies via internet. So what’s the way forward? Be it Khajuraho, Be it Lingam pooja, be it Kamasutra, be it Exploding population, sexuality is inherent in our religion and society. But somehow we lost race to the West in capitalizing and making money from it.

I would suggest that instead of letting Western adult movie industry thrive on Indian viewers, it would be better if our own people benefit from it. Go Swadeshi!

Written by arpitgarg

February 12, 2012 at 2:44 am

Coz of You

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I skip a beat,
Dancing retreat,
Turn up the heat,
Your white suit.

I tend to faint,
Remain no Saint,
Feelings no quaint,
Your kajal eyes.

Feet tremble,
Words mumble,
Senses jumble,
Your wet hairs.

Voice chock,
Pocket broke,
Ears smoke,
Your shopping spree.

Blood rush,
Lots of blush,
Reason for crush,
Your smile.

Make me care,
Let no one stare,
Feelings rare,
Child in you.

Make me fight,
No wrong no right,
Awake at night,
My love for you.

A glorious year

Written by arpitgarg

February 2, 2012 at 11:20 pm

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