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Sketckes: Imitation

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Written by arpitgarg

July 13, 2015 at 8:13 pm

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Open Letter to Mr. MoneyHungry Goswami

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If you are a dog, admit it and fetch a bone. Don’t pretend to be a tiger. You stand exposed. Today nation wants to know when would you admit, you sensationalize for ratings, for hunger of money. Nation wants to know when would you admit that you advertise yourself a crusader just to earn money. Nation wants to know if this low self-esteem that makes you do it or there is something wrong biologically?

Admit that you pick and choose news that suits your English speaking target audience so that you get TRP’s and money. You have no interest of nation at heart.

Admit it that if you feel there won’t be TRP’s you drop the news, no matter how important it is to the nation.

Admit it you are worst kind of hypocrite that can be as you cherry pick new under guise of media freedom.

Admit it you are just a self boasting thug and not a crusader as you project yourself. “We have broken all scams. We have broken all scams. We have highest TRP’s. We have highest TRP’s”. Why so much boasting?

Few examples Why I say so?

1. Where is round the clock coverage of 100 people dying by poisonous alcohol? Why not relentless reporting on it? Because you feel your English speaking target audience won’t care much of 100 poor people dying. Lalit Modi episode will give you more eyeballs. Isn’t that it?

2. Why no relentless reporting on VVIP racism when it comes to media. That media people are today’s worst VVIP’s is no secret. Be it toll plaza, be it quid pro quo.

3. Why no relentless reporting against Times of India when it abused Deepika Paukone. Why no “Nation wants to know and Times of India Shame” when TOI puts cheap headlines shaming women on its website?

4. Why no relentless reporting against Rajiv Shukla on IPL corruption issue? Coz he was a journalist, is that so?

5. Why only targeting the Govt? Why not people in opposition even on important issues? Since targeting Govt gives you ready audience of anti-incumbent people. The TRP’s. Huh! Is this true reporting. What else explains your silence on Pawar, Chibamram, Tharoor on IPL scandal? Though I agree BJP has lost it.

Mr. MoneyHungry Goswami, do things not for money and I will call you a crusader. Else admit you do things for eyeballs and TRP’s and don’t care about objective and balanced reporting. You have turned Investigative Journalism into Sensationalism Journalism. By blatant biasness due to lust for TRP’s, you have opened media to brickbats and have put independence of media into jeopardy, you foolish, TRP hungry, money lusting of a man!

Written by arpitgarg

July 4, 2015 at 1:50 am

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