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Leadership at Office: How to work with Do-nothing’s

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leadership.jpgWe find all sorts of people at a workplace. Some are workaholics, some are if-asked-will-do, some are don’t-want-to-work, some are don’t-do-just-speak and yet others are don’t-do-but-hog-limelight. The list is endless. If you have worked in a modern workplace, you would know what I am saying.

Most of the people we work with are sincere people. Come to office, do average work, go home. Very few are workaholics, who slog, taking ownership. There are quite a lot who are a tortoise; they remain hidden in their shell, don’t-come-to-limelight-don’t-get-work types. All three types fall in good to not-harmful category of employees. They create a good mix of employees for a firm with huge workforce.

However there are few people who don’t like to work but try to project that they are the ones who keep the machine running. They are who I call call-champs. They sleep during other times, but when there are calls, they come alive and eat everyone else’s hard work. They are the ones detrimental to the workplace and have tendency to enrage and dampen spirits of even the most hardworking employees.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about what emerging leaders should do while dealing with a varied workforce. Lot many of us who are average to hard working, get annoyed with people who we see idling around but still managing to get promoted and getting bonuses. Most of us tend to switch jobs rather than continue with such people. But what we forget is we will find similar people wherever we go. How to handle things?

First of all have faith in your capabilities, things get evened out eventually. Right now might feel like the walls are closing in, but believe me you will be fine in the long run. Most important thing is not to get annoyed by such people. I must admit, at times I have been guilty of the same. But hey, that’s how we all learn, right? Never change yourself for bad. Few of us would try to ape these smart-ass people and try to change ourselves. Bad idea! Never change who you are for temporary issues. Time would have passed but you would have changed permanently, not for good. Keep a sane head to work through such times. Keep your personality and ethics intact. After all we are there for the long haul, not instant adulation.

Next step is to admit your own shortcomings. In a workplace to grow, along with work, leadership, communication skills and charisma is required. You have to internalize this truth, however alien it might sound. Work on your communication skills, become more vocal. The work that you do, unless you are able to project it, get it known, is not of any importance. Feel proud of your work and develop habit of communicating what you have done. Consider communication part of the work, until communicated, work is unfinished. It is a slow and gradual process. But you will reach there eventually.

There are times, when the blood boils, seeing the smart-ass people hogging limelight, without doing any work. Important is to keep calm in such situations. Don’t become part of the cribbing gang, who get together over drinks and crib about these smart characters. It won’t help any but will only make you more negative in your approach. You have to understand the pathetic and banal life of people who show off. Look through them; know that they themselves are  not happy. If you start seeing the meaningless life of, sadness and fear in such people, you will never grudge them. Everyone is trying to earn bread for his/her family, in whatever way they can. The sooner you understand that, the better.

Most important is not to let the good inside you die due to what is happening around. Once dead it’s not possible to revive.

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May 19, 2017 at 3:04 pm

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Research v/s Inner-search

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why-are-we-here.jpgHumans have always wondered what if the reality we are living in is not real. What if it is just a façade? Movies like Matrix have taken it up in popular culture. Although I must state, living in a simulated reality was nothing but funny. But the larger question that underlies it all is the same, “Why are we here”? If you watch the movie closely, it tries to answer the same question. We are here, doing what we are doing, because machines make us do so.

In India, generations after generations of saints have done tapasya to look for the answer. Only their approach was not based on any research but inner-search. Research entails looking around the world. Knowing what others know and analyzing. Research wants us to know more than we already know. It’s flow of data from outside into our brain. Inner-search entails tapasya, believing that we already have the answers to all the questions. It’s only a matter of concentrating and delving into that part of the brain which stores these answers. Inner search does not involve flow of information into our brain; it just involves analyzing what we already know.

Both approaches have tried to find the same thing. Yet, both approaches couldn’t have been more different. One requires data, other abhors data. One requires talks and discussions, other is held in complete silence. More than the quest for answer itself, the choice of approaches has always amazed me. Not surprisingly, both approaches have yielded nothing. We are no closer to the answer than we we already were.

My view is sometimes in search for fantastic, we ignore the obvious. In a bid to find quantifiable answer to satiate our quest, we have ignored the possibility of chaos. What if there is no answer at all. What if all is by chance? How many centuries have we wasted then? Or consider the cyclical loop, “What if we are here to find the answer of why we are here”. Mind bender right?

Similar is the life that we lead. We look for breakthroughs, defining moments and we waste a lot of time doing that. Any moment that you can make worthwhile, becomes a defining moment. Our success is made up of small efforts, which in cumulation becomes huge.

I suggest, instead of searching for an answer worth our time, we should answer, how much time it is worth?

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May 17, 2017 at 5:48 pm

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CNN’s of India gave rise to the Fox News of India

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barka-rajdeep-arnab.jpgArnab’s Republic is on air and is already being called Fox News of India. For someone like me, who regularly tune in to CNN and Fox, I find some merit in this argument. Let me state at the onset that I don’t prescribe to the divisions of left, right and center and believe these lines have been created and preached by smart political parties to remain in power (both sides of the spectrum).

Having said that, just because I don’t prescribe to these, it doesn’t mean people don’t follow it. Voters across the world have been transformed into hard right and hard left by politicians, to create their so called voter base. In India Congress party ruled the country for the first 50 years and hence was able to imbibe its center-left ideology into all walks of life. Only center-left people (who believed and who aped) got backing at each and every step and rose to the top. Similarly, back channel funding, quick approvals were given to media channels that backed the prevalent ideology.

The radicalization of media on the center-left grew to an extent when it became all too obvious. Center-Left got called intellectuals and everyone else stupid or radicals. I have called this decade as the ‘decade of the right wing’ across the world. In line with political resurgence of the right in India, Republic TV has taken shape. Had the doors not shut on people with a particular ideology and they were not mocked and shamed in existing media, Republic might not have been born.

I find youth of India leaning more and more towards right and that’s not a good thing. People should be able to subscribe to ideology on case by case basis. Not everything in any ideology can be correct, not everything in any ideology can we wrong. I blame the obscene stranglehold of one particular side for far too long for this. They have oppressed and mocked the other side, which has fought back and how. People witnessed logic going for a toss even when corruption after corruption was unearthed and still the dynastic politics of national and regional parties was celebrated by existing media. People found existing media in bed with existing dispensation and people felt wronged. Hence they turned to the other side in anger. And angry decisions are rarely right.

Other side is not completely rosy too. They too will try and proscribe that they alone are prefect and existing center-left cabal is the devil. The fact is that devil lies in people and not ideologies. Slowly you will find politicians, media and intellectuals jumping the ship towards right, because that’s where the fat is. This will go on until the time people will be fed up with their propaganda. And then the Left wave will strike back. Such cyclical phenomena have been a fact throughout the history.

Present moment is one of the best times for channels like Republic to take shape. I just wonder if it would have been possible without the CNN’s of India.

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May 12, 2017 at 3:11 pm

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Fly, sky high

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When the sun shines light,
With the chirping so sweet,
And the mood is so brigh’
You just wanna fly, sky high.

When there is dew in mornin’
With the moist air so pure,
And zillions of things to try,
You just wanna fly, sky high.

When the breeze is too mild,
With body and mind at peace,
And tensions around are nigh’
You just wanna fly, sky high.

When the rain is a drizzle,
With rainbow at horizon,
Out comes an optimistic cry,
You just wanna fly, sky high.

When night is ever young,
With work to do never done,
Future too bright, O My!
You just wanna fly, sky high.

When time to kill is nilch,
With lots of miles to go,
And going without a sigh,
You just wanna fly, sky high.

When the sun shines light,
With the chirping so sweet,
And the mood is so brigh’
You just wanna fly, sky high.

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May 4, 2017 at 2:01 am

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Kejriwal should listen to the Poet

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Kumar-Vishwas-h14231.jpgI felt real bad to see Kumar Vishwas at the verge of crying in front of the media. I have been a fan since my college days, when his “Koi Deewana Kehta Hai” motivated me to become a poet. Kumar, like any other other Hindi Poet and stand up comedian, is attached to the grass root. They have to as that very grass root gives them the material. He has a cult following among college students and his romantic recitations have created quite a few romeos over the years.

Like a lot many of you, I supported AAP when they came up as an anti-corruption alternative. I supported Modi, when he gave us optimism. I even supported Rahul Gandhi when he pushed through the Nuclear Deal way back in 2009. I am mentioning this to clear my no-so-clear political leaning. When Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan were expelled from AAP, it didn’t concern me much. They didn’t have a volunteer connect anyways; were more of boardroom politicians.

But Kumar Vishwaas is a different story altogether. He is one of the rarest breed of people who find acceptance and respect cutting across party lines. Reason being, he has still not become a wily politician. He speaks what is right, not what is right for his party. He stood his ground on Surgical Strikes, Demonetization and praise for PM Modi when due.

I would not say that Kejriwal committed a sin, or has become a corrupt leader, no he has not. A young politician, he is still trying to find his feet. He was correct in assessing that unless they win a state other than Delhi, they would not be able to show results. Had AAP won Punjab, things would have been different. But I am happy that they lost. In a bid to win, Kejriwal compromised on means this is what has hurt his image. Agreed that BJP was not letting him work, but his approach of bad mouthing a popular leader went against him. The loss in Punjab, has presented itself as an opportunity for him to course correct.

Kumar Vishwas is what is required at this point. From an anarchist (whom people supported), Kejriwal’s image became that of an opportunistic leader, who can play even with national security. And he himself is to blame. AAP needs a change and Kumar Vishwas can bring that. It won’t be a major change mind you; it would be going back to the roots of the movement. Hope the tears of Vishwas clean up the dirt that has sullied the once great movement.

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May 4, 2017 at 1:43 am

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