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Raghuram Rajan: Sanskrit, Brahmins and Finance

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rajan.jpgA lot has been said on the Raghuram Rajan tenure extension. Swamy is a known critic of Rajan and has written to PM about it. Which is fine, as it his fundamental right to share his views. Few people have asked me my views about Rajan. I have stumbled a couple of times on this question. The reason being where do I begin to evaluate how good or bad he is.

The roles and duties of RBI Governor are not easy to understand for a common man. No disrespect to anyone, the whole concept of economy is a fake and unreal. It’s same as Sanskrit to common folk. Brahmins made Sanskrit a God Language, they are the only ones who know it and hence are self proclaimed people who can talk to God. Thereby making themselves important in society. Same is the mumbo jumbo of economy and finance. There is nothing natural and obvious about it. People like me who work in this field, spend time to by-heart the scriptures. We become just like Brahmins in this sense.

I can bet on my life that 99.9% of population doesn’t even know what RBI Governor does. How can we then evaluate his work? Just like 99.9% population doesn’t even know what the Pandit chanted during their wedding ceremony in Sanskrit.

So what do we do? Do we listen to the Brahmins of Finance how good or how bad Rajan is? One school of thought says that whatever Rajan or any RBI Governor does shows effect only in long term (5-10 years). Hence at this point you can’t evaluate on basis of results as we don’t have the results yet. You can only evaluate him on basis of results of what he has done 10 years ago. Some complex and self serving logic, isn’t it?

About this all saga, what I don’t like the most is, many a people says he is a rockstar, tall dark handsome types, speaks well, carry himself well, dignified, renowned. I mean what the hell! Why does all this matter? Another school of thought says Rajan has a global image. Not may Indians have it. And hence lot of NRI’s are supporting him. They get to say, “Rockstar Rajan is an Indian”. They get some pride in it and quench their bruised souls/self-respect in the foreign land. It is not coz they understand Rajan or his policies.

For me it’s too complex to be able to evaluate. Hence I agree with PM Modi on this. It is an administrative issue. It should not elicit media interest. When 99.9% of us don’t even understand Sanskrit, how can we evaluate Rajan. If there is no one better than Rajan, it is more scary. If we can’t find an Indian out of 130 cr people, who is better than Rajan, country is anyways going to hell.

So for all those who support Rajan, please do, but don’t say there is no one else better. It is an insult to other 130 cr people. For those who oppose Rajan, well you might know Sanskrit more than me.

Written by arpitgarg

May 28, 2016 at 7:22 pm

The Woman Card

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woman_card.jpgHillary Clinton was recently accused of using the “Woman Card” for electoral purposes. She reacted by selling a 5$ Woman Card on her website. Since Hillary is not liked among woman voters, more so the millennials, question is what is the Woman Card and does it really work?

Historically speaking women have suffered a lot. Ever since the patriarchy began, they were relegated to second class citizens by affluence males. Before the suffrage movement, even the ‘Free World’ did not allow voting rights to women. They were called witches and burnt at stake. Wars took a tall on women. They were raped, murdered by the victors ever since the first war took place. Men can’t even begin to understand the pain women have suffered over the centuries.

But the issue here is different. When Hillary is accused of using Woman card, it is about Hillary and not woman in general. To generalize this argument, Women who are in places of authority, who are among the elites of the society, who are in Power, they should not play the Woman Card.

Going a bit local, in India we have reservations for SC/ST’s, who as a group have been subjected to innumerable hostilities and atrocities by forward castes and affluent of the society. The reservation in higher education and Govt. jobs was seen as an Affirmative Action to correct this sin. Over the years what has happened is, once the person got the benefit of reservation, his family members and subsequent generations kept availing the benefit. Due to this the SC/ST’s who really needed it, didn’t get it. The people who already rose to the upper echelon of the society due to the reservation (which was the purpose), kept availing it again and again (which was not the purpose). Thus they kept playing the Category Card so to say. They hampered the growth of their own Category by gobbling up the benefit which should have ideally gone to SC/ST’s who are still in lower strata.

Same is the case when Hillary plays the Woman Card. She is not supposed to. She has been in Power too long to be allowed to play that card. She preys on the right of women who really needs help from society. She hampers the growth of deserving women.

Recently there has been a trend of affluent, politically powerful, elite women playing woman card and victim card. This is totally unacceptable. I think women in US understand what Hillary is doing and hence millennial women are supporting Bernie. In India too more and more women get it. They have come to realize that powerful women are eating up their share by playing the woman card. It’s time that deserving women should get their share.

Written by arpitgarg

May 23, 2016 at 2:30 pm

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NEET Ordinance: Smacks of Quid Pro Quo

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adiseshan.jpgCabinet has passed an ordinance today delaying NEET for a year, National Level Entrance Exam for Medical colleges. Though Govt is yet to give a reason, what we have heard till now is, it is for the benefit of students who are hassled by sudden imposition of NEET.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. To make the issue simple to understand, let me cite the movie, Sivaji-The Boss, where in Rajinikant fought against politicians who have made Medical education a flesh trade. Private medical colleges owned by big politicians earn a lot in lieu of capitation fee. Private entrance exams where students are asked to leave the answer sheet empty, and later the middlemen in conjunction with college authorities fill up the sheets. Going rate is as high as 1 crore rupees.

This is what NEET aims to eradicate. I urge PM Modi not to succumb to the pressure from states for some quid pro quo in Rajya Sabha. GST can wait, NEET can’t. Just think for a bit, when we have national level exam for engineering colleges, why is the hue and cry for medical exams? The issue here is the dearth of good Medical colleges. Private colleges are owned majorly by big politicians. Govt colleges have very less seats.

Since cabinet has already passed the Ordinance, it is a matter of time when President signs it. It’s now left to the Supreme Court to strike down the ordinance. I don’t have high hopes though. The political privilege has acted out.

Written by arpitgarg

May 20, 2016 at 5:34 pm

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Kapoor vs Gandhi: Clash of two Dynasty

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gandhi.jpgRishi Kapoor went after Gandhi’s recently. He was suddenly angry that prominent places in India were named after ex-PM’s Nehru, Indira, Rajiv. Then came the personal and cheeky jibe, “Baap Ka Maal Samajh Rakha Hai”. Congress which is already huffing and puffing was sitting duck to Kapoor’s attack.

I agree with Rishi Kapoor’s take on Gandhi family. Dynastic celebration has gone beyond control. But a Kapoor taking over Gandhi on dynasty is all too funny for me. A scion of Bollywood dynasty taking over political dynasty of India. From Prithiviraj Kapoor to Raj, Shahshi, Shammi to Rishi, Randhir, Rajiv to Karishma, Kareena, Ranbir, the list goes on and on and on. This dynasty has ruled the entertainment industry. Handholding with other dynasties of Bollywood resulted in their off spring heralded stars right at birth.

What Rishi Kapoor is saying though correct, smacks of selective wisdom. With all the perks he is sucking out of dynasty worship in India, who is he to question some one else’s dynasty? In fact he trivializes the discussion as he is open to back attack. What I have realized is a sound argument is as important as who is making that argument. Rishi Kapoor is detriment to the very argument he is making. In turn he brings harm to the anti-dynasty movement.

If he wants to bash dynasty, no one can stop him. But if wants his bashing to help the society, he has to bash his own dynastic credentials too. Gandhi’s named projects after their fore fathers. Kapoors and other Bollywood clans made their offspring born actors. Films after films after films when common man was forced to struggle in Mumbai with hopes of becoming an actor. Does anyone really think that Kapoor clan would have made it without their own dynastic privilege?

I still commend Rishi Kapoor for the stand he has taken. But to give some gravity to his statements, he has to cleanup his own house first. Till then it’s Kapoor v/s Gandhi.

Written by arpitgarg

May 20, 2016 at 3:38 pm

Why this years IPL has been the most open ever

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IPL Opening.jpgWe are at the fag end of IPL and still the top four are not decided. Even the table toppers can still get eliminated with just two games left to play. Have all the teams suddenly started competing or have all become equally bad?

Well the answer is not as straight forward. It lies in the end of Srinivasan era. Srini, a master at quid pro quo. He knew how to keep people happy and keep them shut up. Ever since he grew in stature in BCCI and bagged the IPL team, courtesy Pawar power, he kept Chennai Team head and shoulder above the rest. How? Well there have been auctions after auctions after the first one. Remember the 4 player retainer rule; it was there as Srini had a good team. Had his team ended bottom of table first 3 IPL, do you imagine the retainer rule ever being there.

Then during subsequent auctions, players that Chennai wanted were put in later rounds of auction, as by then others have lost their purse. Everybody knew that, some raised their voices, none listened. There were these small things that added to Chennai Superpower and never let it diminish.

Who would take Srini on? Even Subroto Sahara was helpless and had to exit IPL.

An open IPL bodes well for the tournament. I wish it remain that way in future. But given the ills of BCCI I suspect some other Srini to emerge from the gravel.

Written by arpitgarg

May 16, 2016 at 11:41 am

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The Do Gooders v/s Say Gooders

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doer_sayer.jpgYou would find two types of people, Do Gooders and Say Gooders. Then there are people who have bits of both and rarely none of them. Generally speaking most of people can be classified in these two categories.

Who are the Say Gooders (SG)? Well SG are those who are sweet to hear. They say all the right and “correct” things. They will talk about decency, humanity, values, global peace and what not. If you don’t know much, they would represent the best of humanity. The issue with SG is they get away even with murder due to the niceties. The class of prominent SG rule the world. They are the people who seem nice and How can one not like nice? The Prominent SG’s end up doing nothing for anyone but themselves. But they are always hailed. As when you do nothing, how can you be blamed for anything. Right?

Who are the Do Gooders (DG)? Well DG are those who do real work. If they see a problem, they will try and solve it. If they see misery, they will try and help. However when you do things, help people, you are forced to witness the evil in the society, tend to get frustrated at times. But these DG’s carry on even with the pent up frustration as they can’t help but help. The Prominent DG’s even sacrifice their own happiness if they believe in the Good they are doing. A lot of times this get them frustrated and they say a lot of true but mean things to people they help or otherwise. Once they utter these things, they become the Bad people. The very people whom they have helped and done Good for, start hating them. For you can always be blamed for anything you have done, as it bears your name.

Most of the readers should be able to associate people they know with one of the two categories. You would see more of SG than DG around. This is the reality. Also you would see SG’s being hailed (for they say nothing bad, do nothing bad, do nothing at all) and DG’s being denigrated (for they said some mean things, what-if they did good things).

The real apathy of a DG is, even after being bad mouthed and hated, he will still do Good things for other people. This is how God made him/her perhaps. And the real fun is, he will still say some true but mean things to the people he has helped. Not sure which category I lie in, but am sure feel a bit frustrated.

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May 15, 2016 at 12:21 pm

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Jaitely and Shah: Not the best person to defend Modi

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shah_jaitley_modi_degree.jpgModi degree issue not seems to be ending anytime soon. With Kejriwal attaching the issue with Agusta, BJP has gone all out to defend Modi. In a press conference, Shah and Jaitely came out with what they called the real BA/MA degrees of Modi.

As per my earlier position, it doesn’t matter to me whether Modi has/does not have degree. But this press conference from Shah and Jaitley was not a well thought one. No two worse people could have come out in defense of PM Modi. Come’on, you couldn’t get any better people than pretentious Jaitely and Power Broker Shah?

I understand after yesterdays rally by AAP alleging match fixing between BJP and Congress for Degree-Agusta issue, there was a need for BJP to defend itself. But these were not the right people to do it. Both of them are not liked even by Modi supporters. Jaitley and Shah are looked upon as all that is wrong with the Govt and the Party. Fronting these two people? What more I can say.

It is just like what Congress used to do. Remember the times when Kapil Sibbal used to hold such press conferences. He used to defend UPA in 2G/CWG/Coal and what not. The only credibility he had was when he stood in front of the mirror. For public at large he was arrogant Lutyens Delhi power elite. His defense hurt Congress more than it helped. BJP is doing the same. Jaitley and Shah are not the right people to have come out in Modi’s defense.

Modi should know better. For me I don’t need any justification from Modi. And certainly not from people like Jaitley and Shah!

Written by arpitgarg

May 9, 2016 at 8:28 pm

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नयनों में सुरमा लगाए जब,
तीर सा कुछ चल जाता है,
बढ़ती है धड़कन दिल की,
तू लगती है माशाअल्ला।

लाली ओठों की कुछ ऐसी,
मादक मंद मुस्काती है,
सांस मेरी थम जाती है,
तू लगती है माशाअल्ला।

हिरनी जैसी चाल तेरी जो,
करती मौसम अस्त व्यस्त,
मैं भँवरा बन मंडराता हूँ,
तू लगती है माशाअल्ला।

काले घने जब केश तेरे,
बन बादल घिर आते हैं,
लगता जैसे सावन आया,
तू लगती है माशाअल्ला।

माथे मुख पे श्रृंगार तेरा,
आभा एक झलकती है,
हो मंत्रमुग्ध मैं बस देखूं,
तू लगती है माशाअल्ला।

हाथ में जो कंगन डाले,
खन-खन खनक जाते हैं,
अंतर्मन मधुर ध्वनी चहके,
तू लगती है माशाअल्ला।

सौंदर्य से भी कुछ ज्यादा,
है मन में मेरे अक्स तेरा,
बंद आँखों से दिख जाता है,
तू लगती है माशाअल्ला।।

Written by arpitgarg

May 6, 2016 at 3:14 pm

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Liberal Extremism and The Guilt Syndrome

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extremism.jpgOxford dictionary defines a Liberal as “Willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own”. By the sound of it liberal sounds better than conservative. Who wouldn’t like to be called a liberal in light of the above definition, Right?

Well the reality is a bit strange. If you are willing to accept different opinion you are a liberal. Things were fine till then. Liberals stood for equal rights to women, minorities, same-sex marriages and other such issues you can think of. They respected the views of other persons. There was a time in history when liberal movement grew across the world and wiped out the extreme people who called themselves conservatives. Well almost!

Slowly the liberals hard grained into their own “liberal” beliefs. So much so that didn’t realize when they became extremists. They stopped respecting views different from theirs. They started hooliganism in the name of liberty. If you differ, you will be dealt with. How dare you differ?

The rise of liberal extremism is scarier than conservative extremism. I’ll tell you why. Liberal extremists are like unknown foes. They confuse people that they are not extreme by attaching liberal to it. They trick people. With Conservative extreme, you already know what you getting into. There is no trickery. A friend of mine once said, “You have to be careful with your friends. With your enemy you know he will hurt you and you are vigilant. It’s the friends you have to be more careful with as you don’t expect”.

Same goes for liberal extremists. They disguise themselves as liberals when in reality they are extremists.

Now about the Guilt syndrome. This is the perfect weapon of liberals. Shame someone to the point of guilt for getting their way. To them anyone who is against illegal immigration is a racist; anyone who values religion is a fanatic; anyone who says anything against women, even if true, is a sexist. They go to extremes and then shame the person often into submission. If that doesn’t work, they don’t hesitate getting violent. The Guilt Syndrome works mostly. Character assassination by liberals is a common phenomenon these days.

I would any day take conservative extremism as it is a known and I will be cautious. With Liberal extremism I know they will dagger me in the back one fine day.

Written by arpitgarg

May 6, 2016 at 12:26 pm

Modi Degree issue and underlying hypocrisy

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modi_degree.jpgLet me make my position clear on the Degree issue of PM Modi before going into the critique of the situation. I don’t think degree holds any weightage for becoming a PM/CM or any elected official. Unless public education becomes free, State can’t put any weightage on formal education at least for election purposes. Informal education which comes from hardships of life does not make anyone less human. First the society makes education out of the reach of poor people and then wants to put bar on people for the lack of it. This can’t work. Although no one is barred in India but I have seen a trend brewing.

For me if Modi has or doesn’t have a degree, it doesn’t make him any less qualified to lead our nation.

Getting that out of the way let me come to the current issue. This is not primarily about PM’s qualification but about the disclosures made in election affidavits. Here comes the hypocrisy part. For me anyone is free to enquire about PM’s degree disclosed in the affidavit and has every right to file an RTI demanding the same. But I see a lot of people taking exception to it. “How dare someone ask for Modi’s degree?” is the sentiment. I feel it is utterly wrong.

When Sonia’s qualifications are questioned, When Smriti’s qualifications are questioned, When Tomar’s qualifications are questioned, When Lalu Yadav’s son’s qualifications are questioned, one should keep some parity. We react as per our liking of the leader in question. Sonia degree issue crops up and BJP slams her to be a liar. Tomar’s degree issue and he spent few nights in jail and had to resign as a Minister. But when Smriti Irani and Modi are questioned, it is sacrilege.

Same I will say about Congress and other opposition parties. When their leaders are questioned its witch hunting but when you question the other side, it’s your right?

I feel enquiring Modi’s degree via RTI is okay. Anyone has the right. No one should cry foul. If you do then you have to address all the past positions taken by you. And if you don’t address them, it will expose your hypocrisy. Fun part is I haven’t seen Modi himself complaining, just the new breed of sycophants shouting their lungs out.

Written by arpitgarg

May 5, 2016 at 2:58 pm

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