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Strange Day Indeed

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Sun was shining too bright,
Silence seemed too tight,
Fluffy clouds looked too light,
It was a strange day indeed.

Something seemed amiss, true,
This long, grass has never grew,
Ships were still, and no crew,
It was a strange day indeed.

The pace of wind horrified,
An abandoned child cried,
Couldn’t find a human, tried,
It was a strange day indeed.

Lot of feelings, inside,
More of seek and less of hide,
Lion and deer drinking side by side,
It was a strange day indeed.

I was walking on the cloud,
Did lot of things, not proud,
Tried shouting, couldn’t be loud,
It was a strange day indeed.

Everywhere I saw just one face,
More curious than Button, my case,
Time to slow down, what rat race,
It was a strange day indeed.

Written by arpitgarg

October 31, 2011 at 8:06 pm

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सोचा न था

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चहकता है मन, गाता है दिल,
सुबह से शाम, कटती नहीं अब,
ख्वाब देखना भी भाने लगा है,
ऐसा होगा कभी, सोचा न था|

सुबह उठना अच्छा लगने लगा,
काम करना सच्चा लगने लगा,
समझदारी भी आने लगी है अभी,
ऐसा होगा कभी, सोचा न था|

ठण्ड छूने से जिसको लगी थी कभी,
तपन उसके ही आने से होने लगी,
सर्द रातें भी पल में कटती हैं अब,
ऐसा होगा कभी, सोचा न था|

चंद लम्हों में सो जाया करता था जो,
कितने पहर आँखों-आँखों में कटने लगे,
दर्द भी होता है न ताकीद अब,
ऐसा होगा कभी, सोचा न था|

अपनी बातों से फुर्सत नहीं थी जिसे,
बातें करना ही वो भूल बैठा है अब,
दर्द-ए-तन्हाई समझ में आने लगी,
ऐसा होगा कभी, सोचा न था|

जो होना था हो ही गया है तुझे,
राख पे रोने से कुछ पायेगा नहीं,
तमन्ना सरफरोशी की जग है गयी,
ऐसा होगा कभी, सोचा न था||

Written by arpitgarg

October 11, 2011 at 8:07 pm

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Is it really the change?

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“Post marriage everything changes. People change. Things which were once liked become irritating. The childishness which used to be kinky turns into advice of getting matured. Promises get broken, love dissipates. Pillows which were used for fights start defining the boundaries. Relationship becomes sour.”

We all would have heard such lines, haven’t we? What’s the story behind? I don’t believe that core of a person can change after a certain age. During the formative years yes, but not post that. So what’s this change that people talk about?

Sometimes expectations on which a relationship is built are not met post marriage leading to the issues. Broadly speaking there are two types of love. Based on Thrust and Based on Trust. Let’s take them one by one.

Love Based on Thrust
When we meet somebody, find the person attractive, we try to woo him/her. Boys would laugh at girls’ jokes, no matter how pathetic they are. They would go all out to make her believe they are they for her no matter what. The gifts, the roses, the promises are all thrusted in to design a make believe world of dreams. Never was the laughter real, never was the care from the heart, never did the gifts hold any meaning, never were the promises made to be kept.

Girls would meet boys all dressed up, looking attractive. Would portray that she likes him just the way he is, with all the goods and ills. Possessiveness is considered to be endless love. When he spends loads of money, she likes it. Later the dressing up stops. She starts to dislike the ills which she never liked in the first place. The possessiveness becomes engulfing and unbearable. The guy is just a spendthrift now.

Love Based on Trust
Love based on trust is a bit tricky. Mostly this is without any explicit proposal. It takes time. Often there was no great initial kick. Never was a need to impress, no pressure to be presentable. No pretentions, nothing. There were no promises made under false pretext to be broken. All gifts had some meaning. The laughter was real, the zeal was real. Everything was shared without fear. Neither of them pretended and hence no change perceived later.

Basically it’s not the change; it’s just that the real person comes to fore, which is never rosy. Be true to one and to each other. Remove that extra ‘h’ from thrust and have some trust.

A Mad Kitten

Written by arpitgarg

October 6, 2011 at 4:03 pm

Just say it

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It’s been around 10-12 years, but the importance of what my Dad told me that day, presents itself time and again.

Our family was having dinner together. Out of nowhere Dad said, “Today the food is great”. I found the food no different. It was the same. I was perplexed. Dad understood what I was thinking and told me, “It’s important once in a while to compliment your partner even if you don’t mean it. She puts in a lot of effort everyday for this usual food. A single word of praise goes a long way to ease the tiredness of the daily routine. It’s refreshing and a lovely thing”.

The Man was indeed right. My Mom passed a blushing smile and the tension of hard work was gone. It was replaced by satisfaction. Had my Dad not said anything to Mom, it would have been fine. But just fine and nothing else.

To feel is not enough. What’s important is to express those feelings time and again. With our monotonous routine, we fail to keep track of these things and life starts drifting. To keep the fun alive, timely intervention is needed.

When you love someone, be it your parents, your siblings, your friends, your partner, it’s necessary to remind them verbally of that love time and again. They know that you love them, but little reassurance is always nice. Next time you meet your Mom, tell her that you love her. You would be amazed to see the smile on her face.

Courtesy: A Lovely Cat

Written by arpitgarg

October 4, 2011 at 3:30 pm

This Animal and You

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I sneeze and you skip a breath,
I fall and you shed a tear,
So much good inside you, Stop.
This animal doesn’t deserve the care.

I err and you take the brunt,
I slur and you just listen,
Perplexes me why you are with me,
This animal doesn’t deserve the care.

Your time, you invest in me,
Your life, you trust with me,
I wonder am I worthy of it, no,
This animal doesn’t deserve the care.

When I hold your hand, the chill,
Your touch of assurance, I am still,
Don’t give me belief, wake up,
This animal doesn’t deserve the care.

My anxieties soothen by mere smile,
I am no substance, just style,
Worry you a lot about me, stop,
This animal doesn’t deserve the care.

The fast, the sacrifice you do for me,
That tied string under the banyan tree,
Quarrel with the maker for me, don’t,
This animal doesn’t deserve the care.

The future together, the hope,
I will make it happen, be assured,
Sadness be false, happiness be true,
This animal cares a lot about you.

Written by arpitgarg

October 3, 2011 at 12:16 pm

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