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What could have been?

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Have you ever wondered, what your life could have been had you taken a few different decisions in the past? Maybe it is different in a parallel universe for all we know. But this line of thinking opens up some compelling scenarios. Let me go down the path and gauge the impact of few decisions in my life differently.

1. Had I lost my first race to the million other little fellows, I would never have been born. Poof! What a relief that would have been. Never having witnessed this wicked world.

2. This dates back to when I was 3 years old. My parents visited my Uncle’s place in Surat. I got lost for few hours. Some family located me stranded and helped return me. What could have been was I not returned? I would have grown up in Surat, became a Gujju. Maybe adopted by someone. Maybe not! Maybe a beggar, Maybe a rich guy. Lot’s of Maybe’s. But life would have been totally different. I can imagine in a parallel universe, me selling ice-creams in Surat. An ice –cream vendor.

3. A point in time when my father decided to move to a better suburb, with more exposure and atmosphere conducive to studies. What could have been have we never moved? I might have opened a sweet shop for all I know. Never moved out of my hometown. I am not sure if it would have been for better or worse.

4. The decision of which college to go to. I chose IIT Guwahati as I was getting Comp Science stream there. What could have been, had I chose n some other college? My college is so dear to me; I don’t even want to go into alternatives.

5. There were a few infatuations/first dates, which remained just that. What could have been had any of them gone further. I am sure that would have been worse; coz there was always a reason to let it be. A sensitive topic, won’t elaborate much.

I know these are not so fortunate scenarios as missing a train, which met with an accident, But are good enough to put the point across. However there is one thing I firmly believe in, whatever happened in the Past has led to the Present. If I wish to change something Yesterday, my Today will change too. Now would I really want that?

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January 30, 2014 at 3:22 am

A Romantic Evening

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Someone asked me recently about how I would treat my loved one to a romantic evening. Here’s how it pans out. I’ll start with Don’ts and move towards Do’s.

A five star, candle light, and by the pool dinner is a big No-No for me. A romantic evening with my loved one can’t be at a public place. I won’t be comfortable enough to make the evening romantic. Sitting by the rocks at Band-stand or soaking in the wind at Marine drive are okay, but not exactly there for me.

My Do’s starts from a private setting, my home. I would start by cooking the food of her liking, by myself. Might not be the perfect definition of taste, but with a lots of love. A candle light setting on a low table with couple of bean bags on the floor.

The room should be lit by few candles along the wall. When the bell rings, the living room, dimly lit leaves a lot for her to guess, and not much revealed. Red roses carefully chosen, laid across the room. She will take some time to recognize their presence and that’s the essence of it.

Nice romantic melodies chosen for the occasion should be playing at a low tone on the laptop in some corner. Loud enough to hear the humming and low enough not to become a distraction. This sets the mood going.

Starters, Drinks, Food should have been prepared in advance and be kept handy. I don’t want to get up again and again to destroy the mood. It should be kept within arms distance. I’ll be the server and my hands the one to feed her.

The talks, I will leave to chance, for them to be free flowing. We’ll sit there relaxed on bean bags, with food around in a dimly candle-lit room, with roses scattered on the floor; And let the evening unwind.

Written by arpitgarg

January 19, 2014 at 10:00 pm

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