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What has become of Media?

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“Ma’am, any comments on the young actress nabbed for prostitution? Ma’am any comments?” “This was the star actress ladies and gentlemen, who is seen dodging our questions. Bollywood it seems does not want to speak.”

A leading English news channel that talks of one-upmanship aired this. Why in the hell should the actress have commented? Because her movie on this sensitive issue is running in theaters? Because media could connect these two and chalk out a 30 min segment? Kudos!

No one should have aired her identity in the first place. Media has crucified the young lady for the sake of a story. I agree it’s a grey area legally. But given that media regularly question people on propriety, they doing such things is a huge low. What if she was the family member of one of the media honchos? Would things have been the same?

TV media were at least sensitive to blur out her face, but print and online media were the worst. No point naming individuals. Everyone at large was the culprit. Also Naming and Shaming don’t work nowadays as there is no longer any shame; only a race to an attention grabbing news segment.

It’s very sad. Even if she is pronounced guilty (which by the way she has not been yet), no one has the right to parade her story publicly. I know most media people would agree but are helpless given the deteriorating editorial freedom. Money has completely taken over.

Friends, Just so you know, what you have done is beyond repair.

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September 11, 2014 at 2:01 pm

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