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Holi Hudanga: Shri Dauji Temple

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Forced to get up 6 in the morning, I lethargicly got ready. A customary post marriage trip to a temple around 2hrs drive away. Shri Dauji Maharaj Temple near Agra. Lord Dauji, the brother that Lord Krishna grew up with. Dauji is commonly known as Balram.

Early morning coupled with Holi hangover made sure there was no traffic. A smooth toll road and a futher bumpy ride later, we reached the destination. Corruption aside, I feel toll roads have done much good than harm to society. Anyways it’s a discussion for another time.

My mother went nostalgic about Tonga rides she had taken along the same lanes long time back. As we reached near the temple, we saw a lot of barricades and police bandobast. Apparently, today was day after holi and in this temple, holi is played today with God. Holi hudanga, with flowers, colours replete.

A lot of foreigners were mounted atop rooftops, with cameras and recording equipments. Festival of colours in itself, has a global attraction. And such age old customs of Hudanga are more so. We did the darshan and
a quick exit, not wanting to get coloured.

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March 7, 2015 at 9:32 am

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