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NDTV: Stop crying wolf

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prannoy-roy1.jpgNDTV’s founder is being investigated by CBI for a financial crime and the channel and its reporters are out their crying wolf. Coming from the organization (read news channel), which always pitches for investigation on corruption and criminal issues, it’s sad to see them so rattled by an investigation. If there is nothing to it, the channel will come out scot free.

From their own admission, an old associate of NDTV has filed the complaint, which is now being investigated by authorities. Why so much fuss? It’s sad to see NDTV releasing a statement that businessmen duping millions are going scot free but the channel is being targeted out of the turn unfairly? I mean are you serious? What do the other crimes have to do with NDTV investigation? This sort of defense used to come from crook politicians, right?

Law should be equal for all. Is the owner of a news channel any different from a common citizen? NDTV sure thinks so. How dare you investigate us? We have free and fair judiciary. If you are innocent, why so scared? Why associate it with freedom of press? Only crooks do that, from my experience.

More than the investigation by CBI, the response of NDTV and its ilk has saddened me. A news channel should be above reproach and open to any and all investigation. Only then can it raise questions against the culprits. If a news channel would seem rattled by investigation, would seem fishy.

I suggest NDTV not to waste the “freedom of press card” when they themselves are being investigated. No one will have sympathy for you. Let investigation continue. What you can do is, expose the Govt. and its ministers. Expose the corruption. Indulge in good media work. Also would urge the NDTV reporters not to cover for their bosses. How do you know they are innocent or guilty?

Crying foul will not help here. Time for some good investigative journalism, not propaganda.

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June 6, 2017 at 1:07 pm

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