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Modi Promise Break 1: Dynamic Train Fare

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When Modi promised us Acche Din, he never promised such through the roof train prices. Never has the railways been more expensive. Just after 2014 elections, Modi raised Train Fares. Was called a bitter pill. People were anguished but they supported Modi. Time passed and no perceptive results were seen of that bitter pill. People got a chance and BJP was brought to the ground. First in Delhi and then in Bihar.

I know people will try and justify the dynamic train fare (also increased fare) as a good initiative and all that. But such loot in the name of lack of availability of trains amounts to exploitation. Bihar elections have shown that you can take all those explanations and justifications and shove it up. We are just not interested.

Such flashy fares feel like rubbing it in. Not sure who was the mastermind behind this and why Modi lets it continue. Politics is perception war and such loot, aids losing that war.

It is time Modi showed urgency and plugs this loot; Fire people responsible for it. People often wondered why Congress didn’t try to stop Corruption, why Congress didn’t do something against policy paralysis. My answer was they just couldn’t. It is how they were. You can change clothes, but not the soul. Afraid same seems true with BJP now.

A snapshot of Mumbai-Delhi Aug Kranti Rajdhani Exp for 10th Nov. Price is 6145/- with 4000 added in lieu of Dynamic Fare. Only for rich, right? Even middle class is not able to afford it. And then you do chintan why you lost Bihar!


Written by arpitgarg

November 9, 2015 at 12:42 pm

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