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IndianExpress and the Mockery of News

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indianexpress.pngJust looking at the headlines in Newpapers these days makes me cringe. The sheer shamelessness and biasness leaves me aghast. These ‘relics of the past’ as I always call them, still have ideological hold over a lot of news that circulates in regular media and it worries me. Read the below two headlines from Indian Express website on the same day,

Rohith Vemula is not alone, this is happening in every university, says Rahul Gandhi
Muzaffarnagar: Rape video goes public, BJP leader jumps in

My simple question to the editor of the “self certified awesome” paper is, why not approach it the other way round.

Hyderabad: Student commits suicide, Rahul Gandhi jumps in
BJP leader calls for justice to Hindu women who committed suicide post rape video going public

I have no love lost for BJP, Congress of for that matter any of these thugs who wants votes just to make merry. But reading such headlines appalls me. Why couldn’t it simply have been below? Or some other headline without bias to either issue.

Rohith Vemula suicide case: Rahul Gandhi alleges casteism happening in every university
Muzaffarnagar rape and suicide case: Justice for the Hindu women, demands Virendra Singh.

We have no respect for our politicians but these newspaper editors still hold some respect in society and I wish they are stripped of this respect. Social media is breaking their citadel brick by brick. Hope it happens sooner than later.

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January 19, 2016 at 4:28 pm

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