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From Digital India to Internet.Org: Why so much skepticism?

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1With the facebook support for Digital India initiative, the net neutrality debate has come back to the fore. Some saw facebook gaining back door entry for its The skeptics who are among fortunate few to access the internet have started badmouthing already.

First of all if facebook indeed is piggybacking its with Digital India, it’s their prerogative. It was our PM who prodded facebook for support, not the other way round. For a corporate entity answerable to shareholders, not everything can be charity. It’s silly when we want facebook or for that matter google, to provide free wi-fi etc to us in lieu of charity. “Dare not make money out of us”. This is simply not done.

Coming back to The people who have luxury of internet (it is indeed a luxury in India), should be the last one to shout against this initiative. It has the might to bring internet to those who don’t have access to it as present. I agree it gives access to a curtailed internet. But for under privileged of our country, how is curtailed internet worse than “No Internet”?

The people, who have money to pay for www, now want to dictate the things for people who don’t have access to www. If you have any issues with neutrality, don’t trample the initiative, provide an alternative instead. It’s fancy to berate a big Corporation. It’s difficult to find a solution.

Let people decide if they choose I firmly support that some internet is better than no internet. People against, keep your hatred aside, you already have access to net, you have nothing to gain or lose.

Written by arpitgarg

September 30, 2015 at 3:50 pm

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