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Liberal Extremism and The Guilt Syndrome

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extremism.jpgOxford dictionary defines a Liberal as “Willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own”. By the sound of it liberal sounds better than conservative. Who wouldn’t like to be called a liberal in light of the above definition, Right?

Well the reality is a bit strange. If you are willing to accept different opinion you are a liberal. Things were fine till then. Liberals stood for equal rights to women, minorities, same-sex marriages and other such issues you can think of. They respected the views of other persons. There was a time in history when liberal movement grew across the world and wiped out the extreme people who called themselves conservatives. Well almost!

Slowly the liberals hard grained into their own “liberal” beliefs. So much so that didn’t realize when they became extremists. They stopped respecting views different from theirs. They started hooliganism in the name of liberty. If you differ, you will be dealt with. How dare you differ?

The rise of liberal extremism is scarier than conservative extremism. I’ll tell you why. Liberal extremists are like unknown foes. They confuse people that they are not extreme by attaching liberal to it. They trick people. With Conservative extreme, you already know what you getting into. There is no trickery. A friend of mine once said, “You have to be careful with your friends. With your enemy you know he will hurt you and you are vigilant. It’s the friends you have to be more careful with as you don’t expect”.

Same goes for liberal extremists. They disguise themselves as liberals when in reality they are extremists.

Now about the Guilt syndrome. This is the perfect weapon of liberals. Shame someone to the point of guilt for getting their way. To them anyone who is against illegal immigration is a racist; anyone who values religion is a fanatic; anyone who says anything against women, even if true, is a sexist. They go to extremes and then shame the person often into submission. If that doesn’t work, they don’t hesitate getting violent. The Guilt Syndrome works mostly. Character assassination by liberals is a common phenomenon these days.

I would any day take conservative extremism as it is a known and I will be cautious. With Liberal extremism I know they will dagger me in the back one fine day.

Written by arpitgarg

May 6, 2016 at 12:26 pm

Fighting for Freedom of Speech by Trampling others FoS

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freedom_of_speech.jpgBoth, worlds’ oldest and biggest democracies are gripped with discussion around Freedom of Speech (FoS). From JNU to Chicago, people have been made to sit up and take sides. Right wing is always blamed for rhetoric of dividing the society. Liberals and Lefts are the ones insinuating. But I see some issue here.

If liberals and lefts preach FoS they should honor the FoS of Right wing too. What we are seeing now and over the years, Left Liberals trying to Trample FoS of whoever disagrees with them. When Baba Ramdev is invited, JNU people scuttled his FoS. He is not allowed to speak. When Trump does a rally, protestors disguise themselves among his supporters and disrupt the proceedings, provoke supporters. Both sides have their right. JNU should have let Ramdev speak; same for Chicago protestors. They could have shown black flags and symbolically protested outside the venues.

I don’t have any issues with protests as such. I advocate FoS. But I don’t like to see other people’s FoS stifled under the garb of defending own FoS. Moreover I despise people trying to take moral high ground and being felicitated for it. AAP did it by giving ticket to the guy who threw shoe at Chidambaram. Liberal media did it by giving ample airtime to person who tried to attack Trump in one of his rally. If Kejriwal or Clinton was attacked the same way, Left Liberals would have raised a lot of hue and cry.

Let’s be consistent is all I ask.

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March 17, 2016 at 1:02 pm

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Religion, War and Inertia

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I have always been told that Hinduism is a tolerant religion. Over the centuries various religions branched out of Hinduism as per the changing times and beliefs. Never was it considered a blasphemy towards classic Hinduism. I have always heard, contrary to the perception of the West, Islam is a peaceful religion. That jihad is not a war but ones struggle to better the self and the society, fighting injustice and oppression. I have always been taught how liberal Christianity is. Just look at liberal society of the West. It follows from the religion. Christianity has always worked for the betterment of the world at large. The missions around the world are a clear example of that.

But when I stop believing and start perceiving then the trouble begins.

I have seen Babri demolition, ’92 riots that left a long lasting fear of police in me (anti-riot). I was just six at that time and the impression left was huge. Terrorism in the name of Islam has been going on in Kashmir from as long as I remember. The ISI and its insidious ways and the backing of considerable chunk of the Islamic world to that (directly or indirectly). I have seen 9/11 by who they called a religious fanatic. I have seen Leaders of the West declaring their war on Afghanistan and Iraq as a war by God. I have seen images from Abu Ghraib and the twisted humanity.

I believe religion is nothing more than a set of beliefs formulated by people to give meaning to the life. It’s one of the conclusions that humans reached to the pressing question of “Why we are here?” Religion was never formulated to spread violence. But considering the bloodshed across religions, one begs to differ. So is it the religion or the inherent nature of Homo sapiens at fault? Quite huge a quest for me to begin.

One common trait I find across the paradigm is, “The older the religion gets, more rigid the followers become”. One simple solution would be to change the religion altogether before it gets too old to harm us. We all would agree it’s not so simple. Why? The answer lies in the Newton’s second law of motion. Inertia, the resistance to change. Inertia is inside all of us. Not only do we not want to change but create hurdles in the path of people who do.

Recently what we saw in the case of Nasreen and Hussain was resistance by Muslims and Hindus alike. Majority of Hindus felt offended by nude images of deities and same goes for Muslims by radical writings. What brings them together is inertia. We don’t like to deviate from the set of thinking that have been hardcoded into us.

Newton discovered inertia but he felt short of finding a cure to it. We have to find a cure. Till then we will see a lot more wars in the name of religion. An apple needs to fall on someone’s head soon!.

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