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Freedom: Prologue

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“Please state your name for the record”, the chairman of the committee asked.
“Harish Damble.”

“Mr. Damble, the purpose of this enquiry is to find out whether the allegations against you are true or not.” Damble was silent as always. His keen observing power without the urge to utter a word was what made him the best. Ex-NIA chief Damble. The head of the commission was no new duck either. This was his pond and he was a veteran. A person like Damble could have rattled someone else but not Srinivasan.

“Mr. Damble charges against are you as follows. Dereliction of duty; Destroying the evidence; Aiding a convict to escape thereby bringing shame to the whole dept. Do you have anything to say before we proceed?” The same probing silence. “Very well then, let’s begin. Mr. Damble you haven’t replied to the dept’s show cause notice. Can we know why?” No answer.

“This would make it very difficult Mr. Damble. You have to help us. It can’t be one sided. Not if you not want to be martyred. This committee has no pre-notions against you. But your stubborn silence isn’t helping.” Damble changed his posture as if about to say something but remained silent, deliberating probably. “So what’s it going to be Mr. Damble. The charges against you are quiet severe and the proof that we have seen is convincing enough. Would you like to tell your side of the story? Decide fast.” Damble silently smiled and nodded. “Very well then”, Srinivasan instructed his team to begin.

“On the charge of destroying evidence, what say you.”
“On charge of aiding a convict, what say you?”

This settles it then. Srinivasan was relieved by quick answers. Now that this hearing would wrap up the case, he could take the pending visit to Tirupati.

Mr. Damble, do you need to add anything. Damble’s expressions changed. He sat upright. Lit a cigarette. Took a deep puff, closed his eyes. Slowly let the smoke out.

“Mr Srinivasan, I will tell you everything. Not because I want to prove my innocence. Not because I want to duck prison. No. I will tell you so that the person whom I helped escape may get the respect he deserves. I know the evidence against him is water tight but when the world will know his story…He took another puff and started talking.

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September 3, 2014 at 2:34 am

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