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Interstellar: Possible Explanations of Plot Holes

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Q 1: When 12 Lazarus missions were launched. Why didn’t they send embryos with each of the mission. 3000/12=250. We could have sent 250 Embroys with each of them. No need to wait 10 years for them to study the worlds and ping back the results. Whoever find the right habitat, start the civilization.
A 1: Maybe when Lazarus were launched, the Embryo breeding technology was not there. They developed it in those 10 years.

Q 2: Cooper met her daughter roughly 90 years later in Cooper station. That makes it around 65 years since Murph broke the gravity deadlock (with help from Cooper in bookcase). The idea of Plan A was to transfer humans from Earth to new planet that Cooper would have found habitable. What Murph and all the humans did in those 65 years? They just made the satellite stations. Why didn’t she send a reconnaissance mission through the wormhole in search for her father and the habitable planet?
A 2: Maybe it took a lot of time to build multiple such Stations. Maybe stress was on creating such stations and transferring all humans to such stations. All resources were concentrated on that. And given the human population (nearing 7 billion), to create such stations and transferring humans would have easily taken 65 years and maybe some poor humans were still living on earth in dire conditions waiting to be rescued. However Murph made sure a station was docked near Saturn (near Wormhole) which can pick up on activity if any.

Q 3: How was Cooper able to get rescued after entering the black hole.
A 3: Not exactly plot hole, but one hell of a blockbuster ending. The explanation that I can come up with is that 5D beings made sure that he travelled back through the wormhole and was left near the Cooper Station so that other 3D humans can rescue him. Or Maybe the force of love (Cooper for his daughter) was so strong that Cooper broke through the dimensions himself, travelled back the wormhole to see his daughter once again.

Q 4: How did Cooper and TARS interact in Tesseract?
A 4: Seems simple wireless technology. It might not have worked in Tesseract. But I feel 5D beings made sure they interact easily so that TARS relays quantum data from singularity to Cooper who relays it back to Murph.

Q 5: Why Mann wanted to kill one and all? He could have just explained that he lied as he did not want to die and that he is Sorry. Lets now got to Edmunds together and breed the humans.
A 5: I can only say that his evil actions made him see evil in everyone. He might have thought that other people can kill him for his lie. Maybe he thought they are going back to earth and even if he tell them the truth, they wont stop. To save the race he decided to kill them all and also let his deception die with them. Or he just went nuts.

Q 6:How did dying Murph knew about Amelia estranged on Edmunds? 
A 6: Cooper might have been de-briefed and Murph would have come to know about adventures of Cooper via that. So she knew about sling-shoted Amelia’s landing on Edmunds.

Q 7: Why did Cooper go alone to Edmunds to look for Amelia and not with a whole new crew?
A 7: As to why Cooper went alone when Humans have to move to the new planet in the long term, I am really not sure. Maybe humans were happy with Satellite Stations and not want to got to another planet which can again die like Earth. Maybe it was that kind of politics. Hence Cooper had to go alone, not just for human race but also for his kindling love for Amelia who is the only thread left for him from the past.

Q 8: How old would be Amelia if Cooper did meet her again?
A 8: We can’t be sure as to how long in Edmunds time Cooper was in bookcase/blackhole. We can’t say how much did time slow down in blackhole w.r.t Edmunds. I leave this to experts.

Written by arpitgarg

November 10, 2014 at 8:42 pm

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