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American Sniper: Need for such Jingoistic Movies

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Consider a scene. Soldiers from another country are all over your city. They shoot, they loot, they ravage. You burn with anger. Your husband killed, your parents killed. You find a bomb and decide to avenge their death. You run towards the incoming soldiers. Just then a sniper takes a shot and a bullet pierce through your skull. Sniper rejoice and calls you, “Evil Bitch”.

I am sure patrotic people from snipers country would have clapped during this scene in the movie. I would have clapped too if sniper was Indian and evil bitch was from Pakistan. No point lying about it.

The point I like to discuss is the need for such Jingoistic movies. Do they sell wars to innocent citizens? Do they justify the aggression of army? Or are they mere exploitation of our patriotism by a filmmaker to mint money?

I remember swelling with pride during movie Border. When Sunny Deol was in full fury, I clapped. If I analyse these movies and try to pin them on a hidden agenda. My guess would be they help people morally come to terms with war. Humans are God fearing beings. Morally they cant justify killing other people.

So we try and attach patriotism when it comes to war. My country; Your country. We create separate aloof slaughter houses to kill animals for food. Can we make our child witness to a bufallo slaughter and tell him/her, this is where meat comes from?

I feel when killing is necessary for whatever reasons, we try and find a moral facade of a justification. It helps us sleep well.

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February 12, 2015 at 11:31 pm

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