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My Savior: Maharaja of Mysore

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“Mysore finally has a new Royal Head”. Poof! I was near death in recent months, as to the future of Mysore. Now that we have heir apparent, I can put my worries to rest.

How shameless is our society that still celebrates such people. Bloodline who leeched the last drop off poor people. Bloodline who dined with British. Bloodline who slept in vast palaces, when people all around were dying of hunger. More shameful is to see Govt. representatives lining up to attend such ceremonies. Anyways from a nation which reveled in calling Nehru ‘RajaSahib’, what more could be expected.

In  a nation that queues up outside foreign embassies for Visa; Where a NRI groom is a jackpot; Where Income Tax raid is taken as a status symbol rather than a shame; Where Damadji, Jijaji rule the roost; Where handful of political and industrial families have corrupted the system so beyond repair; Where Govt. change but farmer suicide continues; Where hunger forces common man to learn to live without self-respect, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

I would have loved to see such ceremonies being banned. If not banned then such people being publicly shamed and shunned. But no, we revel in royalty, pledge our allegiance to it and also feel good about it.

However when I see chaiwaala, mufferwaala as PM and CM, I feel all is not lost. My hope in the nation’s resilience stays alive.

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February 25, 2015 at 2:33 am

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