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Opinion of a Modi fan on Delhi issue

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delhimodikejriThere doesn’t seem to be an end to BJP going the BJP way. What I mean is getting hit wicket. When all seems to be working fine, Modi is gaining applauds for his work. Governance has been restored.

Why is BJP hell bent on running itself out. Advaniji once famously said, “BJP can only be hit wicket. No one can bowl us out”. This was pre-2004 when BJP was shining.

Even after burning its fingers, Why is BJP repeating the same in Delhi. Such confrontation with an elected Delhi Government, people are not taking too well. Just like the back-channelled approaches to form Govt. earlier, BJP is trying to do the same. Advaniji graciously backed Shiela Dixit Govt. in transfer posting of officers, as the will of elected CM needs to be respected. But Modi/Amit Shah seems not to be in mood.

The plan is to get AAP Govt. to fail by whatever means. I have said earlier also, Congress used to hide behind logics like “Constitutional Authority”, “Let’s talk civil” and look what happened to it. Votes of today don’t care how/what politicians utter (only Media seems to care about it). We care about work. Deeds more than words.

Modi’s advisors have wrongly advised him on Delhi issue. Since I have been a Modi fan, this feels more painful. I urge PM to stop it. I can agree if this was done for stopping corruption or benefit of Delhi. But priorities seem to lie anywhere else. Why worry about strengthened ACB? Why worry about CNG Fitness scam? Looks like BJP has compromised with corruption at some level.

I genuinely hope Modi steps in and root this evil. I hope Modi is still taller than BJP.

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June 9, 2015 at 12:02 pm

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