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Mumbai to J&K: Fantastic Irony of Goondaism

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ironyShiv Sena activists roughed up and smeared ink on a person for organizing book launch of a Pakistani in Mumbai. Whole of BJP Govt took a high moral ground terming it uncivilized and uncouth behavior and no way to protest. During the same time BJP MLA’s roughed up an independent MLA inside J&K assembly for organizing beef party. A touch of irony is not lost here.

It pains me that a party I believed in is playing two faced. How can they shame what happened in Mumbai and glorify what happened in J&K? Just how can they?

Let’s look into the similarities of both incidents. The junior party in the coalition (Shiv Sena in Mumbai and BJP in J&K), fighting for supremacy, resorted to such cheap gimmicks. It is evident that such acts are not done due to ideology or good of public at heart. They are done for instant publicity hoping to gain public support.

I feel public these days have become more aware than our leaders feel. In the digital age we are not confined to local incidents. The hypocrisy and dual behavior cannot be kept hidden anymore. It’s time for BJP to take stock and rectify, lest they too are in the stupor of arrogance which led to demise of Congress.

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October 19, 2015 at 4:53 pm

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