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OnePlus 2 Phone heats up like Indian summer afternoon

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The review I wrote on

fire-wallpaper-7Purchased on 12th Oct, in the one hour invite free window. Received on 13th Oct and requested for return that day itself. My reason below,

THE PHONE HEATED up like anything. The upper half body was on fire. I installed 5-6 apps and played few videos. It was smoking hot. I could even smell that burning smell.

I asked my colleagues in office (as I was not sure of myself anymore). They assured me I was not going insane and phone was really hot.

It’s sad as I was excited to get my hands on this phone and I had to return it.

All the raving reviews seem to me FAKE as there can’t be so much difference. Most people just want to show off in reviews.

I read a review which said, “I finally got my hands on this BEAST”. I too was excited by this review and was eagerly waiting for a BEAST to arrive. But alas!

I feel ONE Plus guys have screwed it up big time and will feel the pinch in times to come. It’s an invite game.

People who are giving rave reviews are just happy to get hold of this artificially elusive product. If not for invite, they too would have felt cheated.

India is an already hot country. Why give me a phone that heats up so much.

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October 20, 2015 at 8:37 pm

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