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Hypocrisy exposed || Modi hugs Lalu: Silence || Kejriwal hugs Lalu: Hue and Cry

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modi_lalu_kejriI am disgusted with Kejriwal hugging corruption convict Lalu on stage today. But I am disgusted more with a lot of Modi supporters going overboard in demonizing Kejriwal. Demonize all you want, I am with you. But why this one sided demonizing?

Few months back Modi attended wedding of Lalu’s youngest daughter and showed similar bonhomie. Similar bear hugs and similar smile. Why none of you spoke then?

When intellectuals do one sided AwardWapsi, such people raise hue and cry. But when they themselves do this one sided propaganda, they don’t even blink. If this is not hypocrisy then what is?

I am not defending Kejriwal, nor I am demonizing Modi. I am bringing out the two face of such people who call themselves upright. You spoke against Award Waapsi, I stood with you. But now when you do the same to Kejriwal, you need to be exposed.

You flood social media with obnoxities when Kejriwal hugs Lalu while you stayed silent when Modi hugged Lalu or for that matter Digvijay Singh. You need to be exposed.

I was angry when Modi did it. I am angry when Kejriwal did it. I am angry when anti-award-waapsi people behave like award-waapsi-gang.

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November 20, 2015 at 5:44 pm

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