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Khichdi Govt in 2019?

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khichdiHow the cycle of mistakes repeats can be a research topic in itself. If we remember during the Anna movement or Ramdev agitation, Congress committed one self goal after another. They obviously thought ignoring and rejecting them as motivated struggles, would make them go away. But it was not to happen. The movement got further impetus by each suppression.

Similar mistake is being committed by current dispensation. I am not questioning their intent at this point. But the way student suicide case is being handled, is bound to backfire. Blaming the opposition, calling student protest as motivated, questioning student’s caste, doesn’t all this seem familiar? It’s what UPA used to do. And it failed. So why is NDA repeating these mistakes?

I can only see arrogance and nothing else. As I have said before, the smartness of Vajpayee is missing. India is but a democracy. You have to win elections to keep doing good work. How hard would it have been to take some action or to apologize? I didn’t see any apologies coming in from Government, leave aside some action.

You won’t be able to win elections by calling everyone else motivated. I think, Modi need to guide his ministers, how to win over junta. What they are doing is antagonizing people. This will chip into good work of Modi and will be sad to see a ‘khichdi’ Govt. in 2019.

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February 2, 2016 at 12:36 am

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