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In Gandhi’s India, Why the fuss about Kejriwal’s attire?

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kejriwal_chappal.jpgSo, I read that a person has sent 364 bucks to Mr. Kejriwal to buy a pair of shoes. A lot of similar minded individuals have opined the same. “He should have known to wear better. After all he was attending an official function.”

I am sure there will be debates all through the week on this topic. It will involve a lot of name calling and what not. Today I don’t want to touch the politics of it. I just want to touch the stupidity of all this.

Couple of years back Congress, who put Anna behind bars for his fast-unto-death, totally forgot that it was such fast-unto-deaths by Gandhi which were instrumental in the freedom movement. Now it is such people who totally forgot that simplicity is what Gandhi taught us.

I wonder what such people would have said to Gandhi when he went to round table conferences in Britain wearing almost nothing.

Maybe Kejriwal is doing all this for publicity. But he is doing what Gandhi taught us and is the foundation of our great nation. People, who can’t digest this, are well within their right to digress. But they should not be celebrated. They should be ignored.

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February 4, 2016 at 6:33 pm

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