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Trump and Cartman: The Super Trolls

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cartman_trump.jpgThose who have seen animation series Southpark would be able to get what I am referring to. I am big fan of Southpark which is a satirical animation series about a bunch of school friends. It is a big time satire on anything and everything. And the most famous of its character’s is Eric Cartman. I just love this guy.

He is the epitome of satire. He has no filters on his mouth. He can insult anyone and everyone at the drop of a hat. He is so witty and so awesome. Best part is he speaks the truth. To some, Eric Cartman is a racist, anti-semetic kind of guy. But in real what he portrays is the ‘not politically correct’ person.

It’s a humorous show and Cartman is super funny. Not unlike Donald Trump. Now I am no one to discuss the politics of Trump. I want to touch the similarity of Cartman and Trump. I love them both for the entertainment they provide.

Cartman also has the Trumptantrum as they are calling it now. In an episode, Cartman fakes verbal Tourette’s and throws such damn good insults on all and sundry. He is a character much before social media came into vogue. But he is the original troll. And Trump is well regarded as the king of trolls.

Not sure which way USA will vote, but my wishes are with Trump, not because of his politics (which I not know much about), but because he personifies my favorite animation character, Cartman.

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February 4, 2016 at 6:51 pm

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