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No one shouted anti-India slogans at JNU?

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noone.jpgI have nothing against politicians who are siding with JNU people. They will do where they see votes. In essence they are performing what is expected in ‘electoral democracy’. It saddens me to see that they indeed gain votes by siding with such people who shout anti-India slogans. It means there is something wrong with the concept of nation that is India.

If politicians support anti-India sloganeers and they get votes by doing so, it seems to me that it is will of the people. Should we not abolish the nation then? Absurd isn’t it? What else can we do?

First ‘No one killed Jessica’, then ‘No one was driving’ and now it is, ‘No one shouted anti-India slogans’. That’s what Delhi Govt report says. More absurdness. Was I there when slogans were shouted? No. But those who know JNU politics know that it is a norm than an aberration. JNU students (guided by teachers) have prided themselves in shouting anti-India slogans. For the first time the Govt has acted and these people are hiding around. “We have not shouted”, is the defense.

With such a response from students now, I think that Govt did the right thing with the police action. This will prevent any further sloganeering. Students need to study. At JNU, FTII, they are well fed, subsidized bunch of folks. Since they have to not pay for education they don’t feel like spending their time studying.

This circus will continue under the ‘electoral democracy’ and till then we live with, ‘No one shouted ant-India slogans’. Either we have the nation or we don’t.

Written by arpitgarg

March 3, 2016 at 2:19 pm

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