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Mr Chidambram: Give me a break!

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chidambram.jpg“Karti is being targeted because he is my son”, said an aggrieved Chidarmbram. That he is an ex-Finance Minister, ex-Home Minister, adds a twist to the narrative. Seeing the screws tightening on his son Karti’s business empire, father has come out to lend his support.

Mr. Chidambram, give me a break. Just by talking small sentences while looking far at the horizon, you made yourself look like the only person who knows everything whilst everyone else was a fool. You along with Manmohan Singh, portrayed yourself as the champion Economists. The truth is you are nothing but a failed Finance Minister. You are nothing but a failed Home Minister.

Yes, Karti is being targeted because is he is your son. Because by being your son, and quid pro quo, he has created a business empire. When you were sworn for betterment of sons of the soil, you were working for betterment of your own son. How then, son of a hard working common man found it difficult to pay for college, found it difficult to get a job and your son had best of all worlds.

If you have nothing to hide, why are you so nervous? Let the law take it’s own course. Isn’t this what you have said innumerable times defending the corruption of your Govt. You and Jaitley are two people who are very much alike. You have kept your wrongdoings under wraps creating a holier than thou aura. It is time you are taken to task.

And just to be fair to you, when you have never been fair to poor people of the country. I will say it again. Let law take its own course. If you have nothing to hide, why do you fear? Have faith in the law of the land. And yes, Give me a Break!

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March 6, 2016 at 11:11 pm

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