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Trick to Beat Trump

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trump.jpgAfter the race has almost slipped out of the hands of establishment candidates, they have started hitting Trump hard. Given that Trump has captured the imagination of the nation just like Obama did in 2008, the attack is not working at all.

From Rubio, Cruz to the Republican Party elites, all are going crazy against Trump. They might think it is the best way to stop him, but they couldn’t be more wrong. This would earn more votes for Trump. I’ll tell you why. When Trump lambasts Washington, politicians, GOP elites, it comes out as one man’s fight against the whole establishment. People like that and relate with that. “See a guy is taking on the elites, just like I always wanted”, people think. One guy against the world. It always works. And it is working for Trump.

The more Trump is attacked, the more he wins. When the whole bunch of people start attacking a single person, we all know how it looks like. A herd attack. Unfair fight. The bunch becomes whole. It has never worked, nor will it work now. People’s belief in Trump solidifies by seeing predators attacking him.

So what could Trump’s detractors do? Well it’s tricky and manipulative but here it is. The worst liked people of the establishment, the worst of Washington political elites should start supporting Trump. There should be a daily new endorsement for Trump by worst of the GOP leaders. This would make people think twice as to why? Why are these bad people supporting Trump? Something doesn’t seem right. Maybe Trump has made peace with them. Trump is not for our good.

To praise Trump is the only way to put him down. Not just praise him, publicly announce that Trump is one of their own and this is all just an act by one of their own. They want Trump to win as he is their pal. Believe me this would destroy his support base of angry people. No point attacking him on Trump University, KKK, immigration etc. His supporters rally behind him with each attack. Praise him to put him down.

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March 5, 2016 at 3:08 am

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