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An Advice to BJP: Congress card works no more

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mallya.jpgVijay Mallya left India for London amidst all the hue and cry. His sympathizers in media pointed out that he didn’t do any wrong by going abroad. There was no legal requirement for him to stay. And they are right. He was free to leave. And here lies the problem.

When Govt. of the country is so weak as to not read the writing on the wall, there can hardly be any excuse. Mallya is a Rajya Sabha MP as an Independent. But we all know BJP supported him and propelled him to Rajya Sabha. The fishy loans he got approved were during the UPA decade of shame. Thus both BJP and Congress are in on it. Both favor such crony capitalists and both blame each other.

For BJP this is highly embarrassing as now they are in power. They don’t want to bring Lalit Modi back and now they have let off Mallya. Any guesses how many years will it take to bring him back? I say never. Same for Lalit Modi.

And it’s sad to see BJP playing the Congress card again. “Loans were given during Congress’s regime”, they say. So, What should we people do? Dance?

BJP can silence Congress during debates with this argument. But it can’t fool the people of India anymore. ‘Congress is bad’, argument has started falling flat. You have been in power for around 2 years. And now the blame is on you.

Your crony capitalism has come out in open. Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya are two shining armors to that effect. I know nothing will change. I am only writing this as I have nothing better to do.

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March 10, 2016 at 4:08 pm

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