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Bihar Topper Scam: Nitish Kumar, who are you trying to fool?

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bihar.jpgIt took the TV interview by Bihar Board toppers for Nitish Govt to realize the scam. As if they didn’t knew till now. For those who don’t know, toppers in Bihar board exams were interviewed by news channels. They were asked regular questions about their study and it turned out they knew nothing. So what Nitish Sir has done? Nothing but hogwash. A dozen of toppers were made to sit for a re-exam. What did this solve? Nothing!

What about those who came 2nd/3rd and so on? What about them? The re-exam of selected dozen is nothing but fooling the public. To show how good you are to aid your PM ambitions. What did you do when videos emerged of parents scaling school walls to pass of answers to their wards? All this while you were asleep when this blatant scam was happening. And then when you acted, what an act!

But you know people are not fools. You may thing they are. But they are not. This selective action is quite funny if nothing else. Let me explain why. The Top 10 loses the merit and next 10 gets their place. What about the new Top 10 now?

I won’t even elaborate on the obvious illusion. People are watching. They will use the finger next election.

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June 5, 2016 at 9:53 pm

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