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Access leads to Success

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acessThailand cave rescue of kids and their coach is something the world needed right now. Given all the negativity in media and politics right now, it came like a wind of fresh air. Whole world rooted for their survival and safe rescue.

It makes me wonder, how technically novice we are. We strive to reach the vast stretches of the galaxy but struggle with rescuing people out of a mere cave. Not questioning the rescuers here, just raising the issue that we still have too much to learn and far to go.

The recent internet and technology boom has given hope that our progress on such fronts will be exponential. And it has much to do with the accessibility and awareness. Internet boom in developing economies like India has connected the disconnected and bring the people in rural areas to the mainstream.

We now have a much more significant number of people who can contribute to the progress of humanity. Earlier it was limited to big cities and universities alone. Today, a child in a small village can learn from videos of youtube, take online courses and build anything, research anything.

The government should work towards providing access to people. They will find a way toward success. A government should create roads and infrastructure, and it will lead to jobs and progress by itself. Connect the small towns and villages to the mainstream; more trains, more roads, more highways. Make it much more affordable.

For people who say that railways run on a loss and justify increasing the ticket prices, you just don’t get it. Affordable commute adds adds a lot to economy. A nations produces more than it loses on the ticket prices.


Same goes for running metro trains and bullet trains. Any money spent on it will be recouped with interest. Access leads to success without fail.

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July 14, 2018 at 4:35 am

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