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Mother Teresa: The Controversy

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A recent remark by RSS chief on Mother Teresa and her missionary work has caused huge uproar across the country. Since Mother Teresa is generally considered an epitome of charity, the statement was bound to cause the ripples.

I decided to do some reading into whether she was involved in conversion or not. What was the real motive of her service? However I left my reading midway. A more emotive issue struck me. Why do people convert?

As I understand any invasion by a ruler of different faith brings with itself forced/induced conversions. It happened with Mughals and British alike with different degrees.

The real reason that came across to me was caste system in India. When we do not allow people of certain caste to enter temples, use common wells and subject them to any and all humiliation in the book, they tend to lose faith in the God they believe in. A ready dose of a different religion and a different God rapidly moves in to fill the void. By the time Hindu leaders (Entirely Upper Caste), understood this, the phenomenon had already spread.

At the same time, let’s not run away from the fact that primary mission of Christian Missionaries is to spread their religion. They find a ready market in the downtrodden and neglected sections of society. It’s a different matter altogether that nothing changes for such poor people in reality. While one religion makes them untouchables, the other religion neglects them once the aim to convert is achieved.

My request to Hindu Leaders would be to make sure caste system is eradicated and anyone who still practices it is thrown out of the religion. And my request to Christian Missionaries would be to stop carrying the White Men’s Burden and work for the downtrodden without asking them to convert.

Written by arpitgarg

February 24, 2015 at 11:55 pm

Was Sambhavna really abused on Bigg Boss????

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Was it just me or did something controversial really took place between Raja and Sambhavna. Day 18 of Bigg Boss, aired on 4th Sep ’08 saw Sambhavna crying in the confession room. According to her Raja was not a nice person. She said, “I went to him crying, missing Rakhi and I never knew that “this” would happen. He is not a good person at all.”

What was the “this” that she was talking about? When Bigg Boss asked her that if something “nasty has taken place in the house due to eviction fear”, was there a sexual abuse undertone? Is it possible that being given the power to nominate someone, Raja tried to get nasty with Sambhavna, who don’t want to loose, looking to earn some money. At least I felt so. Sambhavna pleaded Bigg Boss not to reprimand Raja regarding this; coz then she would really be thrown out off the house.

So has Sambhavna been abused? We all know Sambhavna pleaded each and every house mate not to nominate her coz she needed some money to pay her dues (either Sanjay or Rakhi revealed it after being evicted). So is she bearing all abuse to earn few bucks? If yes then it’s nothing short of casting couch. Can this be allowed to happen or should some regulatory authority take notice and act.

Written by arpitgarg

September 5, 2008 at 7:10 am

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