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e-Volution: The WhatsApp Group and Human Interaction

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whatsapp.jpgThere was a time when we used to hear how in future there will be robots to do everything. When Matrix movie was released, the hype went even further. How the virtual reality would be? Then we heard about robots might even replace the need for companionship.

WhatsApp has reached quite close. Before you get naughty thoughts, let me clarify. The need for a companion to share thought; talk to, has been addressed at some level. Consider this; I have a WhatsApp friend group, with people living in different time zones. At any given time at least one of them is active to have a chat.

Chatting on WhatsApp is non-intrusive too. You sit in the coziness of your house; safety and security. Chat, share jokes, share emotions. If you need any help someone is there. If you are in grief, people are there to cheer you up. Of course you need a real group of friends first. I have a friend circle which I made when I was in college.

With WhatsApp group, the connection has gone to a new level. Any new movie we see, first thing we share with the group. Promotion in job, rejection in love, from going to gym to stomach indigestion, we end up sharing. I feel there is always someone to listen.

I feel it takes away a lot of loneliness. It is like a personalized Siri; a group of friends which matches your thought process. However this might lead people to stop looking for interaction in real life. Since there is no loneliness, where is the need to find someone to kill it?

To predict future is too tricky. But one thing is sure; we already are living the future we used to read in sci-fi during childhood. We are not able to realize as it is happening run time. I call it e-Volution of humans.

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May 4, 2016 at 8:42 pm

The Loneliness

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I am finally settled in my apartment in the new city. Packers have moved, taps are working and food is cooking. Last two weeks went by at such a frentic pace, I didn’t have any time to stop and think. Now that I have, the realization strikes slowly. I am all alone.

Loneliness is a very wierd thing. Sometimes you have no one around and still you won’t feel it. Sometimes there are lots of people around and you would still feel lonely. Mysterious!

Coming back to situation at hand, I have come to realize the importance of family. With time it’s not as easy to make new friends. Work becomes priority which does not give you time enough to socialize. It’s not that you can’t, it’s just that the chances and the instances and the zeal decreases.

Here is where family comes in. If you shift to a new place with your family, I guess it’s not as strange a feeling. You don’t have to form social/friends circle on urgent basis just to pass the evenings. You don’t have to go shoppings alone. You don’t feel that pang of strandedness.

Moving to a new city, to a new job is teaching me new lessons daily. I think next time I make my move, I’ll try and have my family with me.

Written by arpitgarg

December 11, 2012 at 2:00 pm

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