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Nihalani Bad, Salman Good: Moral and Ideological Bankruptcy of Bollywood

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salman_iifa_2.jpgBollywood was united in berating Pahlaj Nihalani, maybe rightly so. The whole Bollywood cartel from dynasts to first gen, were ashamed and aghast with a guy like Nihalani heading CBFC. The same cartel likes Sanjay Dutt. Same cartel is silent on Salman Khan. Not just silent, the cartel is standing shoulder to shoulder with Salman at IIFA.

How can Nihalani be bad when Salman is not, I fail to understand. For me Nihalani is bad and Salman is much worse. Censor cuts just the movie reel, but people like Salman, with his huge fan following, ended up making Rape a Joke. It would not be far, when rape victim would be quizzed whether she was really raped or just went to gym. Such repercussions of insensitive and filth that the superstar spoke. Still he is good and Nihalani is bad.

I attribute this to moral and ideological bankruptcy of Bollywood. They have been and are all about their own dreams, regardless of what they say. When Udta Punjab controversy was fanned by thugs after free publicity, they played victim card. Whole Bollywood was up in arms. But now nothing. In fact there is a feeling that Salman is unfairly being targeted. Such is the apathy.

With such moral and ideologically bankrupt people running Bollywood, I would rather unleash 1000 Nihalani’s on them. Make them suffer. Maybe I am over reacting but I hate when these people come out and preach how the society should work and how intolerant we are. Maybe these guys are epitome of tolerance. They tolerated even Salman.

The least they could have done is to reject sharing stage with Salman at IIFA. Would have given a strong message. Please remember the name of people who are silent now, or are just mildly protesting. Next time when they come crying, kick them out. When you call Nihalani, a Taliban, have the guts to call Salman similar names. Have the guys to call Sanjay Dutt terrorist. But no, you just are after money and free publicity. You have the guts to preach us and call yourself torch bearers of creative freedom.

I remember your silence today. I will call you out when you find your vocal chords later, when your money is at stake.

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June 27, 2016 at 4:01 pm

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Udta Punjab: No sympathy for either side

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What do I think of the whole Udta Punjab Censor controversy? The Freedom of expression debate. I saw bunch of people from Bollywood holding press conference, trying to garner public support against a dictator Censor Board Chief. Where have I seen such an impassioned support from Bollywood, I thought? Oh! Yes, the whole Bollywood was behind then terrorism accused and later jailed for 5 years, Sanjay Dutt. I saw the same collective support with the “invisible driver” Salman Khan. Ah! Yes, the support was missing in the case of a certain Ms. Kangana Ranaut.

So if you ask me what do I think of the “harassment” of Bollywood by Censor Board. I say, I don’t care. When this closed group of Bollywood millionaires decided to side with Dutt and Khan, they lost any and all credibility. And now they cry wolf. I couldn’t care less. In fact I scorn with utmost disgust seeing them play victim.

Coming to Censor Board chief, the lesser said the better. Govt should get rid of him soon, as his open sycophancy is bringing Modi into disrepute. But censor board has been such a b***h always. I remember Congress appointed Censor Board blocked MSG, which was later cleared by the tribunal, while the same board cleared PK. Later the board resigned en-masse as they saw tribunal decision to clear MSG to be political but they themselves were holier than thou.

In this case also, it’s all being done for cheap publicity from both sides. Censor Board is as usual playing a pain in the back. The film people are also doing the same for free publicity. There was no buzz around this movie and it would have perished but for this hype. When makers of MSG (scorned by Bollywood family) went through the process to the tribunal and got their film cleared, what was the issue here? Also why didn’t I see the same solidarity of Bollywood cartel with the makers of MSG? Easy, MSG people were outsiders whom the elites didn’t like. So please Bollywood cartel, don’t play this victim card now.

And when these millionaires cry victim just coz they have to go through the process to earn their next millions, I just cringe. We have better issues to sympathize with, farmer suicide for one. Bunch of Sanjay Dutt/Salman Khan supporters and hypocrites are not one of them.

Written by arpitgarg

June 11, 2016 at 4:07 pm

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