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iPhone 5: A mystic affair

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The hype and frenzy every time a new iPhone is launched, seem to be a mystic affair. The zeal surpasses the age groups, the income groups and the continents. What is it that creates this craziness? Is it the new technology? Is it the media built-up? Is it the status symbol?

To a large extent it can be attributed to the herd mentality. “I want it coz if I don’t I won’t be cool”. But that herd comes in later. What drives the early buyers? And it’s not just limited to the buyers. Even the people who can’t afford it are ever more interested. Why so?

We can try and find an analogy in “Who wants to be a millionaire” TV show. What has the TV viewers got to win? Nothing! Still millions sit in front of their TV sets to witness someone else becoming millionaire.

The answer lies in human psychology of “Collective Ownership”. When a new iPhone is launched, it’s not Apple who owns it. The people own it. It is their own. And here is where publicity comes in. Company like Apple would never publicize it as a product by Apple rather it would be an “Apple iPhone”.

Another thing can be the story behind the invention. Would gravity be equally amazing without the back story of the apple that fell? The mysticism surrounding Jobs has flown down to his coveted baby. Do we hear any such story behind say Lumia or Galaxy? No, all we see is a product. But with iPhone it’s much more.

The other reason lies in the legacy. People loved iPhone coz of the technological advancements Jobs envisaged and brought to life. Similar was the case with a 4.8inch android phone recently. It was something novel. People thronged for it. Give the people something innovative and having high standards and they will make you a billionaire.

It won’t be long when people will ditch iPhone. Yes, we are that cruel. We are just waiting for the next messiah. Till then revel Apple in the limelight, as much as you can.

Written by arpitgarg

September 13, 2012 at 10:48 pm

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