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Post interval, “Om Shanti Om” took a surprising turn. Shahrukh Khan was reborn with a new identity. What I found is that most of us undergo a sort of continuous rebirth at various stages of life. I personally feel a dire need to reinvent myself given diverse circumstances.

Life forces us to play various roles at various times. Those who mould themselves according to the roles usually turn out to be more successful than those who are not able to. Also its nescessary to be a student of life throughout. Its only through constant study of life, do we be able to adapt.

Well, I dont want to discuss that phase of my life where there was a great thrust to adapt, but was not able to. I just would say that, it lead to frustration to depression. However I overcame that phase. My personal advise would be to let that reincarnation happen. Resisting it is not an option.

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December 20, 2007 at 8:21 pm

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