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This Lonely Isle

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I could not fathom the smile,
Lovely pink, shining white,
I just remember the pleasure,
Stranded on this lonely isle.

Thumb which I sucked slowly,
Hiding face, feeling secure,
I just remember the comfort,
Lying on this rocky isle.

The fights, the arguments,
All leading to truce; embrace,
I just remember shouting at you,
Mumbling on this silent isle.

Mad, immature, childish,
Teaching, Preaching Day n Night,
I just remember you nodding,
Gazing at this unresponsive isle.

Pushing me away, No No No,
Mighty struggle in my arms,
I just remember you losing,
Fighting this unrelenting isle.

Calling at unearthly hours,
Talking for long, without care,
I just remember fighting sleep,
Insomniac, this uncomforting isle.

Forcing me, Adamant you,
Holding it, fingers wrapped,
I just remember the feel of it,
Lying dry, this barren isle.

I think, I never said enough,
How lovely you, how smitten I,
If only we could meet again,
Separated by this isolate isle.

Written by arpitgarg

July 30, 2012 at 7:04 pm

Posted in Literary, Love

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