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औ मैं सो जाऊं

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निकला था मंजिल की ओर,
अच्छा हो रास्ता खो जाऊं,
एक चाह अधूरी हो पूरी,
हो अँधेरा औ मैं सो जाऊं॥

हैं थकी थकी आँखें मेरी,
औ फटी फटी सी बातें हैं,
पूछ-२ पता मैं त्रस्त हुआ,
न ही मिले, अब यही दुआ॥

जब खाने को हो फ़क्त हवा,
औ पीने को आंसूं न कम हौं,
थर-२ कर काँपे देह मेरी,
चाहे भट्टी सी गरमाई हो॥

नाम ख़ाक, काहे की साख,
झुका के सर, औ कटा नाक,
केशों में रेंगती जूं भी अब,
मेरा लहू पीने से बचती है॥

देखा था सपना जो कभी,
बस धुंधला सा याद आता है,
ताश के पत्तों से बने महल,
क्या हवा का झोंका सह पाए?

जन्नत हैं जाना सब चाहते,
ऐसा हो जहन्नुम मैं जाऊं,
एक चाह अधूरी हो पूरी,
हो अँधेरा औ मैं सो जाऊं॥

Written by arpitgarg

September 20, 2013 at 6:36 pm

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Simply Insane

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The last time I went for a long holiday was long-long ago. To be true, I am not a holiday kind of a person in the normal sense. For me holidays do not mean going on vacation, living out of suitcase, hopping from one tourist location to another. For me holidays are all about chillaxing. There have been times when I have taken couple of days off and slept right through. For me it’s all about brain reboot.

After a long time, I seem to have this craving to put myself to sleep mode. The late mornings, the lethargic afternoons, popcorns, refreshing old seasons of fav shows, lots of writing. And the best of all, lying on the bed, just staring up to the ceiling fan. The feeling of nothing. The absolute zero of chaos. Admittedly juvenile, but my secret to rejuvenation.

There is no single way to handle the worries of life. Some takes them head on, some run away from them. I practice a mix of both. Running away for a while eggs me to take them on. Sometimes the cure is not with the medicines but without them.

I have had some crazy hours to my name. 75hrs without sleep, 32hrs of nonstop sleep, 76hrs without eating. All these date back to the college days. I don’t have luxury to insanity no more. But believe me, it’s the insanity that takes to where we aspire, makes us who we want to. I will be travelling this weekend but I have promised myself some not as insane rest soon.

Written by arpitgarg

September 19, 2012 at 7:06 pm

This Lonely Isle

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I could not fathom the smile,
Lovely pink, shining white,
I just remember the pleasure,
Stranded on this lonely isle.

Thumb which I sucked slowly,
Hiding face, feeling secure,
I just remember the comfort,
Lying on this rocky isle.

The fights, the arguments,
All leading to truce; embrace,
I just remember shouting at you,
Mumbling on this silent isle.

Mad, immature, childish,
Teaching, Preaching Day n Night,
I just remember you nodding,
Gazing at this unresponsive isle.

Pushing me away, No No No,
Mighty struggle in my arms,
I just remember you losing,
Fighting this unrelenting isle.

Calling at unearthly hours,
Talking for long, without care,
I just remember fighting sleep,
Insomniac, this uncomforting isle.

Forcing me, Adamant you,
Holding it, fingers wrapped,
I just remember the feel of it,
Lying dry, this barren isle.

I think, I never said enough,
How lovely you, how smitten I,
If only we could meet again,
Separated by this isolate isle.

Written by arpitgarg

July 30, 2012 at 7:04 pm

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Top 5 Tips for Girls to Gain Weight

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Of late size zero has become a phenomenon. Humanity has never lost so much weight in history as today. What girls tend to forget is that guys like curves. Slim figure is welcome but zero is not. Most thin girls have a phobia that by gaining weight they will look fat. First of all they should shed this inhibition. A little bit of chubbiness adds to the beauty anytime.

For all those single girls whom I have been able to brainwash into gaining weight by my above appeal, here are certain easy tips. Follow them and you will thrive and men will hover around like a beehive.

Tip No 1 – Find a Guy who lives alone
It’s quite easy to find a guy in metro cities who is working there and lives away from family alone. Such guys tend to eat out most of the times rather than cooking. You will start eating out too. Eating out regularly will add that missing kilos in no time.

Tip No 2 – Hit the bed long
Getting lots of sleep is one of the easiest ways to gain weight. A minimum of 8 hours sleep is necessary. Anything above is a bonus. This way weight gain would be like a dream come true.

Tip No 3 – Beer it
Over the centuries ‘Beer belly’ has been one of the most controversial phrase. But it works and how. Drink beer regularly for a month and you wouldn’t believe how lovely you look with those plum cheeks.

Tip No 4 – Don’t flunk the junk
Go junkie! Those Big Macs, fries, pizzas, pastas are a sure shot path towards glory. Never be scared of the food. Eat as much and as junk as you can.

Tip No 5 – Get married
Easiest of them all! Scientists have been wondering over the years as to why Indian women gain weight so quickly as soon as they get married. Regardless of the reason behind, it works. The only flip side is that you are married now.

Bonus Tip: Call me!

Written by arpitgarg

July 21, 2011 at 8:39 pm

Weekend Crusades

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A phone call woke me up in wee hours of the morning. I had slept late last night and a minor headache crept in. “Sir, will be there in half an hour”. Brilliant! I went back to sleep. Phone rang a second time. A friend called reminding me to get up. What has happened to this world? Why can’t a poor man get a day’s sleep?

Hesitantly, I pulled myself off the bed. After half an hour sharp, I got a call from the driver. Since when have we people become so punctual? Anyways, I took the car, picked up a colleague on the way to an outing with office friends. Cars from other parts of the city too converged at the resort.

To be frank, barring a few, I never tried to get familiar with the group till then. Well, it all changed and how!

Poolside Musical Chairs, Dumb Charades, What’s yours like?, Truth or Dare, Antakshari and few meticulously planned field games were part of our fun entourage. After about 10 hrs of mix and match, we were all on our way back home.

I got to know the importance of such outings. Everyone gelled in together with casual flirtings, intentional fun-fights and jokes galore. I felt at home with the gang. I made friends for life.

Summed up below are few highlights of the trip which I am sure, whoever present, will smile at, for life.

1. Las Vegas Shamed
The marquee of the trip. Outdoing my pole dance, he gave such a scintillating performance of Strip Dance which would even put vegas leggies to shame. The guy was a true sport and great fun. Thanks dude for “What’s yours like?”.

2. What’s yours like?
An extremely novel and intriguing game. Nice connotations attached to it makes it even more exciting. The group selects a “body part” (noise, lips, ears, belly button etc) and the person chosen has to guess it. He can ask 6 people, one single question, “What’s yours like”, who in turn can reply only in “single word or a short phrase” describing their own said body part. The chosen one gets 3 guesses.

When “belly button” was chosen and a girl was asked “WYL”, she curtly replied, “Deep”. We all fell over laughing and the chosen one couldn’t decide on whether to speak his mind or not.

Best hints award went to a colleague who gave either of the two answers all the time, “hard” and “I have two”.

3. Antakshari
Impending Antakshari competition got a good start with this dress rehearsal. The rapid Antakshari was full of fights and arguments, but at the end we all sang together songs from Rafi to Himesh with equal vigor. It is rightly said, “How would have Majnu proposed to Laila, had there not been a lyricist”.

4. Truth or Dare
They clapped at my maiden pole dance. My visual experiences over the years had helped. Thank you Romanian chicks for a good lesson.

5. Dog in the Bone
I gave it my all. Got injured but led my team to victory. My guru has said, “Never try and beat a lady in a game. Its blasphemy”. I disobeyed and had a mighty fall. “Sorry Guruji for me forget teachings of thee”

6. The Salsa dance
Passing the parcel was winner all the way. Salsa dance by the duo was eye popping to say the least. Shucks that I could not learn salsa. Well these are the things which marks the difference between Being Single and otherwise.

7. The Kajal Bhai
The girl could even put God Mother to shame. In a perfect tapori performance, she chedofai, a couple of good looking men as rest of the girls kept devouring eyes on the prey.

8. The mimicry of the boss
The mimicry of the boss was to the T. And accompanying hugs were brilliant.

9. Of Beggars, Proposers and the Seductions
Passing the Parcel threw some excellent performances of begging, proposing (Kya tum mere bachhon ki maa banogi), and seductions (Maar Dala). Never knew we had such budding talent within the group.

10. Win and Near miss
After a long-long time, I got lucky. No, not that lucky. I won Passing the Parcel. “Who’s the boss now…haha”, but lost the straw game narrowly owing to a clever fox of an opponent.

It was one hell of a day which I enjoyed thoroughly. Hope others enjoyed too. Many thanks to all, who worked selflessly to make this trip possible. Looking forward to more such endeavors together.

कौन है तू

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रात को आग़ोश में लेने दो,
सुबह को ख्वाब ही रहने दो,
ऐ यार तेरे खुमार में हूँ,
मुझे इस प्यार में डूबा रहने दो|
भूख प्यास कोई ना लगती,
सुनता था तो हँसता था में,
पर भूख मरी, जब प्यास मरी जब,
हर पल आहें भरता था में|
आँख बचाकर, आँख मिलाना,
अहसासों पर काबू पाना,
सुनने में  ही लगता है,
पर होता नहीं है आसां ये|
नींद गयी है, चैन गया है,
तारों की गिनती करता हूँ,
सुबह को कैसे उठ जाऊं में,
रात को सोता कौन सा हूँ|
वो पल्लू जो पहिये में अटक गया,
मेरा मन भी उसमें लिपटा  था,
तूने जो फाड़ के फैंका था,
पत्र नहीं वो, दिल था मेरा|
माना, किस्मत मेरी खोत्ती है,
पर ज्यादा गुलामी ना होती है,
हाँ कर देगी तो मेरी है,
ना कर दे जो, मर्ज़ी तेरी|
 जीवन का पहिया चलता है,
आगे को, बस आगे को|
हसीन सा ख्व़ाब, तू आयी थी,
पर नींद तो टूट ही जाती है,
ओर दिल भी जुड़ ही जाता है,
होगा, किस्मत को जो है मंज़ूर,
कौन हूँ में, कौन है तू ||

Written by arpitgarg

May 11, 2011 at 7:41 pm

नींद शर्मा गयी

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आखें उसके दीदार के नशे में डूबीं थी ऐसे,
की नींद भी शर्मा के रह गयी रात भर,
लफ्ज़ मिले नहीं बहुत सोच कर,
जब मिले तो जबाँ दगा दे गयी,
हाथ घायल थे उसके भर स्पर्श से,
कलम उठाई तो सियाही सूखी निकली,
बहुत हिम्मत कर उस दिन स्टेशन पहुंचे हम,
जालिम ट्रेन को भी उसी दिन समय पर आना था,
निगाहों ने बस उसको ढूँढा सारी तरफ,
जब दिखी तभी बारिश आ गयी,
मिलना था उससे जब, ख्वाबों में,
कातिल एक बार फिर नींद दगा दे गयी|

Written by arpitgarg

August 28, 2010 at 3:18 am

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