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Overworked and Underpaid

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Most of the time I talk to my colleagues, friends and other working population, One thing seems common; everyone by his/her own admission is overworked and underpaid. Well I too share the feeling and hence it becomes a common cord which helps us empathize.

Come to think of it, if everyone is overworked and if everyone is underpaid, it would be doing wonders for our economy. Imagine working 20 hrs a day for paltry sum, this would for sure create a huge amount of societal wealth and rid us of poverty.

Alas! That’s what I don’t see happening around. Where are things going wrong then? Well my friends, the things are going wrong in the brain and in the heart. Overwork and Underpay is just a facade.  There is no such thing in real. In fact it’s a vicious circle.

We always think that if we get more money, we will work harder. Hence most of us keep on changing jobs. But once that pay cheque becomes static too, we start feeling underpaid. The pay cheque remains the same, the work hours remain the same; just that our needs and wishes increase.

The easiest solution for this is become dynamic. Even if the work hours increase, if the rewards are dynamic too, the underpaid feeling will not pitch in. I am not just talking of monetary rewards. It constitutes mental peace and satisfaction too. Most of us who feel over and under are stuck with something we don’t really get drive from. It’s just a daily chore we need to perform.

After a while when our heart is not in it, it becomes unbearable. Whatever amount of money will not satisfy us. There will be a shallow feeling of being used and abused. Used and abused by the society and the system at large.

So work where your heart is. Short term you may earn some money elsewhere but believe me no point making your life a hell in the long run. Instead, you my friend have hell of a life to enjoy!

Written by arpitgarg

September 28, 2012 at 11:29 pm

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