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How Santa found Happiness!

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A little girl prayed to Santa, “Santa I don’t ask for much, please just make my loved ones happy”. Saying this, she slept.

After listening to her request, Santa went across the world looking for happiness. He went to Malls and shopping complexes; Mountain tops to depths of oceans; from heaven to hell. He couldn’t find happiness anywhere. Exhausted Santa sat down panting.

He scratched his head. Nothing! He then went to his best pal, Jesus. Buddy, a silly little girl has troubled me. Now where am I supposed to find happiness? Jesus smiled. Took out a gift, all wrapped up, out of his pocket. Inside it lies happiness, said he. Relieved Santa took it and delivered it to everyone she wished.

I just opened my gift. There was a mirror. I saw my face in it. Happiness is inside me. Happiness is inside everyone one of us! And we spend our whole life searching for it.

Happy happiness!


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December 26, 2013 at 5:15 pm

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