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Fag end of life introspection,
Look back at years went by,
A crisscross and dissection,
Septuagenatian does with a sigh!

Loved by all, apple of eye,
Childhood was a sweet dream,
Chocolates, candies, apple pie,
Only I had to make a scream.

Teenage rebellion and growth,
Fancy the girls, hormones high,
Decide career, thing to loathe,
Lots of studies, those times dry.

Next decade was crucial,
Found earning source to live by,
Entered into life bond marital,
Some or other things, I did try.

Kids filled the time next,
Social bonds spread along,
Nothing I was left bereft,
Name and fame came along.

Hard to rein the kids rebel,
More spouse time, silent talks,
Health issues crop, I dwell,
Start of medicines, long walks.

Last decennio took it slow,
More of calm and less of high,
Next gen out of mould grow,
Septuagenarian turned am I.

Written by arpitgarg

August 25, 2014 at 5:41 pm

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