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Analyzing Rahul Gandhi

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When Rahul Gandhi visited our college back in 2004, I remember him getting mobbed by students. His popularity was sky high with huge eyeballs to each of his appearances. It’s not very hard to guess what the reception would be if he visited the same campus today.

What went wrong?

For me first 5 years were quite good. Youth appreciated him for putting his weight behind the nuclear deal. During 2009 General Elections he was still a phenomenon. Those were the days when Kejriwal was not known and Modi was still a despised figure. Then began the down-slide.

I would not blame the man himself. He went through the assassinations of Grandma and Dad; I can’t even begin to feel his pain. I think he had his own aspirations which he sacrificed to keep his family legacy alive. He did exactly what reluctant heirs do; surrounded him by a coterie of trusted men and let them call the shots.

Later, his inaction in 2G, CWG and Jijaji scams coupled with the slowdown shattered the mirage completely.

He tried his hands at politics, not to serve his personal ambitions or to serve the nation (the two major forces to get one going) but to honor his family name. This, though a noble deed in itself was the real reason for his political undoing.

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September 4, 2014 at 8:23 pm

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