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Presidential Polls: Congress still stuck in dynasty

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dynasty.jpgNot to take anything away from Meira Kumar, but the choice of her candidature shows Congress and the entire opposition is still stuck in Dynastic era. They fail to understand that hatred against dynastic politicians among common man has been one of the major reasons for Modi’s rise and Congress’s fall. It’s not that the opposition can’t find any first generation leader, it’s that they don’t want to. The cabal is so naturalised and deep-rooted that if any of such leaders read this article, they wouldn’t be able to understand what the fuss is all about!

Since the poor were kept poor for far too long, the poor now revolted. How long would they have waited for prosperity from family politicians? Family identity, which used to be a boon in politics, has slowly become the bane. The surnames have become synonymous with loot and plunder and Swiss bank accounts. “Dekho aa gaya chor aur chor ka poora khandaan!”

Politicians that were born out of Emergency, Mandal and other such movements, abandoned the movement and hence the dearth of next generation leaders in their parties. They have only their offspring to fall to. It’s ironical since 20-30 years ago, those very politicians used to badmouth Congress as a dynasty.

I had some hopes from AAP to emerge as a national opposition alternative, to keep the checks and balances of democracy, but those hopes don’t seem to materialise anytime soon. Not that it is BJP’s or Modi’s doing, but a weak opposition is never good for a democracy.

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July 1, 2017 at 1:56 am

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UP election 2017: Which side will the camel sit?

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up_election_2017.jpgUP election 2017 is a riddle which no political pundit wants to touch. This is unlike last 2 elections where BSP and SP were predicted to win respectively. Unlike the regular issues of caste and vikaas, demonetization (pro and against), hangover of successful religious polarization in 2014 general election, the Yadav family feud and Congress-SP alliance have muddled the already murky waters.

BSP was the clear favorite over BJP on ground, until SP-Congress alliance materialized and it makes more difference than some understand. Who will this alliance hurt more and can it turn into a winner by itself is a million dollar question. Depending on which channel you tune in to, predictions range from SP-Congress, BJP, BSP and hung assembly.

No political pundit (or political hack as some call them), is ready to put his/her reputation on the line by choosing a side before the count is done. I expect even the exit polls (when they come out) to be divided too.

The biggest setback of all time, BJP in 2014, is a major factor why predictors are wary. Also no one knows the effect of demonetization in rural areas. People want to say SP-Congress but they are afraid of Amit Shah the wizard. Alliance has relegated BSP to a second choice and spoilt their Muslim-Dalit strategy as against Muslim-Yadav-‘Leftover Congressi’ combine.

BJP has ceded a lot of political mileage since 2014, when Modi asked for votes on state election issues. With no substantial ‘acche din’ for people on ground, Akhilesh Yadav has been able to make BJP the incumbent party in the state. Instead of answering for last 5 years, he has been able to successfully question BJP about the good days promised. For BJP, just saying, ‘we didn’t have control on state issues’ might not be enough.

Early next month, results will come out and the riddle will stand solved all by itself. Till then, can you answer this billion dollar question? Which side will the camel sit?

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February 23, 2017 at 1:21 am

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Why Modi should take Arunachal Verdict Seriously

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modi.jpgFirst Uttarakhand and now Arunachal; Supreme Court has set aside President’s Rule in these two states. This is a big blow to the credibility of the Central Government. Given the polarized political times we live in, I don’t think this will hurt the popular Govt much. More so, when we have supporters ready to justify anything and everything without merit. But as for the legacy of this Govt., this is real bad.

The pattern by which the President’s Rule was imposed was similar in both states. Ruling parties MLA’s rebellion followed by speaker taking action followed by dismissal of the Govt by Center. Both places Court ruled in favor of the erstwhile State Govt. Both places had Congress Govt. Modi is doing some good work, but criticism should be done where due. Even the ardent supporters of BJP should take note and should question this misuse of power.

This goes against federalism. Earlier Courts were subservient to the Govt and were wary to rule on such things. But after the dark days of Emergency, Courts have learnt and Collegium system has helped them to become more independent than any other country.

Setting aside the President’s Rule in Arunachal is another historic verdict after Uttarakhand. This is one of those landmark judgements which will act as deterrent to such proclivities in future. It to have happened under Modi feels bad. He has to preempt such negatives, given that his detractors regard him as autocratic and dictatorial. It gives them another weapon to attack him, and rightly so.

This would also strain good relations between President and Central Govt. Pranab Mukherjee would not like seeing his name being sullen in the annals of history. What was the political need for such hara-kiri by BJP? It takes away a lot from the good work being done. Hopefully there is some course correction done.

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July 13, 2016 at 1:39 pm

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How low will Media go and the Khadse Blow to BJP

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khadse_yedurappa.jpgMinister in Maharashtra cabinet, BJP leader Eknath Khadse was forced to resign over graft charges. Maha politics is based on land grab and this is one such clear case. What happens to Khadse after this will define the tone of subsequent election campaigns by BJP. Will he be charge sheeted or will he be let off just like Ashok Chavan, of the Adarsh shame?

Amdist all this, India Today channel had a special guest dialing in to discuss this issue. The guest was none other than Ashok Chavan. And the host was none other than Rajdeep Sardesai, one of the most biased journalists in India, evidently proud of it too. Anyways, Mahamahim Ashok Chavan ji was being asked if the action is enough on Khadse or should there be an enquiry too and he be taken to task. Ashok Chavan agreed that there need to be a high level judicial enquiry etc etc.

Rajdeep who was relishing with the first wicket to fall from Modi’s “Naa Khaoonga, na khaane doonga” chant, didn’t ask Chavan that, “Do you think, Khadse’s resignation is just an eyewash, just like your resignation was?” or “Do you think Khadse is a land grabber just like you?” I mean how low will such journalists go? They call in corrupt and tainted politicians on their shows due to closeness and quid pro quo and legitimize such people. Call all you want but grill them. Not given them open audience to be a hero.

What authority does Adarsh tainted Chavan has to speak on Khadse. I mean why would you even call him? If you call him then don’t cozy up to him. Ask him tough questions.

On the issue of Khadse, it is a serious blow to Modi, but not some boon for Congress. This is a boon for regional parties. Khadse has resigned but won’t go down easily. In Maharashtra land grabbers are big politicians and Khadse is one of them. Unfortunately he has huge backing of people and a known grass root politician. He has all qualities to be a Yedurappa-2 for BJP.

Don’t be surprised if 6 months down the line, Khadse is given clean chit and he is back, either in Maharashtra or Centre. Having been so long out of power, BJP was guarded from graft charges too. With so many states and Centre under its belt, graft charges will surface regularly now. It will be a big headache to BJP as how to deal with it.

As we saw in Yedurappa case, acting against the corrupt has potential to destroy the party in that state. So what will it be five years down the line? Will Modi be able to recite, “Naa khaya, Naa Khaane diya” or will he be left wanting by BJP’s Congressmen.

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June 4, 2016 at 4:36 pm

Agusta Scam: BJP, Congress, Media all culprits

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agusta.jpgAgustaWestland scam which was relegated to the sidelines by BJP, Congress and Media for last few years is back in news. Courtesy Italian Court which handed sentences to bribers and named prominent Congress leaders.

BJP has been quick to condemn Congress leaders to come clean. Wait what? Yes you heard it right. BJP is asking the thugs of Congress to come clean. Has any thug ever come clean voluntarily? Never! Let’s be every clear, it was gullible on our part that BJP wants to nab the corrupt. Nobody wants to do that. This was just a charade. Even now the posturing against Congress will continue till media flashes the story. No more. Ah! Yes, also during elections.

Media, which has also proven to be a commodity which was bought by these middlemen, will also sooner or later drop the headlines; either by getting paid off or in lieu of breaking news.

To me, more than the scams of Congress, what hurts is the inaction of BJP. Coz I had so high hopes of Modi. Maybe I was naïve.

Two years on, Vadra is still out. Vadra which whose name made many Indians’ blood boil; whose corruption was poll plank of BJP. He is still out of jail. What can we expect of other such promises? We should come to realize that nothing is going to happen to these bigshots. The best that will happen is they might not be allowed to do more of corruption. We should start feeling content with this.

I seriously hope, soon a national party, alternate to BJP and Congress emerges at the National Scene, with less history and lesser baggage. These seasoned politicians have done us in.

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April 29, 2016 at 11:17 am

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Salman Khurshid: Shaming India for Personal Fame

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salmanSo Mr. Salman Khrshid, torch bearer of Congress party is following the footsteps of another Congress leader Mani Shanker Aiyer. Mr. Khurshid is of the opinion that India has not responded well to Pakistan’s friendship hand. “India ignoring Pakistan’s overtures for peace”, he said while on a personal visit to Pakistan. Moreover he praised Pakistan’s fight against terrorism. Applauded Pakistan while deriding India.

Well it is not surprising from former external affairs minister of the country. These remarks lets us know why India had a soft foreign policy under him. A Cabinet Minister who shared cabinet with one of most corrupt Ministers in India ever. A cabinet minister who bowed in front of Gandhi dynasty (aka Katappa from Bahubali), for becoming a minister, this statement is not surprising.

To settle their petty politics and coming back to power at any cost, such people are destroying India’s credibility abroad. A former external affairs minister when makes such pro-Pakistan statements that too in Pakistan, implications are global. His statements will be played up against India by Pakistan media. But a man from political dynasty himself couldn’t care less.

From sting of fund embezzlement for the invalids to appearing for banned organization SIMI in court, he seems to have no shame when it comes to making money and clinging to power. Such people are the real face of most Corrupt party in India ever aka Congress.

Anyways one who bows to dynastic heir Rahul Gandhi, we should not have any expectations. I just can say this to you Sir, since you destroy my Country’s name globally, it’s all our fault Sir, that we elected you. It’s what we deserved.

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November 13, 2015 at 5:47 pm

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Congress, Rahul Gandhi and Ramu Kaka Syndrome

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ramukakaI don’t have political leaning as such to any side. I have admired Congress, BJP, and AAP at different times due to their actions and also berated all of them, again for their actions. Also I have don’t have any mumblings about people’s ideology whether it is right, left or center.

At present times, at least among the people I meet, I find number of BJP supporters, AAP supporters. Congress supporters are getting fewer day by day and are therefore hard to find. Still whatever Congress supporter I come across, I always ask this one question.

“It’s okay that you support Congress’s secular ideology. It’s okay that you cheer for the party. But how can you support Rahul Gandhi?” A lot of times I get a smile to this question. I would like to explain why I ask this.

The same question I ask the so called rationalists to justify the rationale behind supporting Rahul Gandhi. Please explain me and I will be indebted to you. For me those who support Rahul Gandhi represent the people who support dynastic politics. People with “Ramu Kaka” mentality. Classic Ramu Kaka from Bollywood films. He will serve the Maalik with utmost loyalty and then serve Maalik’s son. He will call him Chote Huzoor. Now Ramu Kaka is genuine in his devotion towards the family of his Maalik.

I feel Rahul Gandhi sympathizers, suffering from Ramu Kaka syndrome. They are loyal to Nehru family. They will serve Chote Huzoor no matter what. They don’t do it for salary alone; they do it as they have to. They can’t help it.

I know most of the population supported Indira/Rajeev due to the same syndrome. But a lot of time has passed since. India has evolved. Social media has brought hypocrisies of Media and loyalties of Ramu Kaka’s out in the open. People have become smarter now. I am sure in times to come; such Ramu Kaka’s will get less and less in number.

I just have this to say, any self respecting individual can’t be a Ramu Kaka. Maalik and his family will prosper while your son will grow up to become another Ramu Kaka. Spine up, if not for yourself, then at least for your children.

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November 2, 2015 at 7:47 pm

Stop this award drama: Doing harm to a legitimate issue

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dramaAnd the trend of returning awards continues. I have always believed that such awards decided by all-so-biased juries of the past has led to generations of political awardees. The regime of the past was intolerant to fresh minded people who were against dynasty and sycophancy.

I agree to some extent with the feeling that religious intolerance is on the rise. Right wing groups have found new vigor. But then when Babri was demolished what did so called secular Govt. did? Nothing! Was religious intolerance not on rise then? Why not answer who gave rise to right-wing Shiv Sena to oust the communists off Mumbai? We have even forgotten the ills of Emergency. Your cause, which might be right, has been undone by company you keep.

All this hoopla initiated by member of Nehru family when she returned her award, has done nothing but harm your fight. There would have been other means of struggle, like the ones people chose during emergency and various riots across last 50 years. By following the steps of a Nehru relative, you have fallen prey to being branded as anti-BJP and pro-Nehru. Nehru, if you ask younger generation, does not hold that high esteem anymore. Indira Gandhi does hold some respect but not Nehru. And everyone knows this but you. By ganging up with a member of Nehru family, you have demolished your own fort. Youth of today care less about Hindutva but more about jobs.

Your action in fact has given the way out to Central Govt. Instead of being on the back foot, they are now riding high on the Nehru-Dynastic hatred in today’s youth and have been able to paint you all, self ignorant fools. For youth, corruption is the ugliest of sin. For you religion related issues are. For us corruption has kept us under privileged due to which successive Govt’s have been able to fool us to fight over religion. You don’t address corruption as an issue. When we hang our head in shame due to rampant corruption and emergency, you just want to celebrate secularism.

I care two hoots about secularism or religion for that matter. I want these dynastic and sycophancy beneficiaries, stripped off their luxuries. Just see their dare to dictate to us what is right and what is wrong. Social media has made us better aware than to tolerate such people.

We knew all about Modi when we elected him. We might not have sided with him, but for your silence when India was being looted and poor were kept deprived.

I so wish you had spoken when Nehru furthered his daughter and laid the foundation for dynasty. I so wish you had spoken when Bhopal terrorist was let free. I so wish you had spoken when Emergency was imposed. I so wish you had spoken when India was looted rampantly. I so wish you had spoken for such issues than to cite religion to settle your petty ideological differences.

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October 29, 2015 at 6:43 pm

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Stop Religious Intolerance, Stop Congress from making comeback

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Hand - Stop

To the incidents of religious intolerance across the country, Central Govt’s argument is, “Law and Order is a state subject and states are to be blamed”. On the surface this argument seems sound. But is it really?

If we dig deep, this argument feels shallow. What then is the duty of the Central Govt? If they feel state is not doing its duty, should they keep silent? They could have easily shot of stern warnings to states that strict action will be taken if law and order situation does not improve. But Centre has chosen to play dumb.

As to the sympathizers argument that such incidents have also taken in the past without this much hue and cry. They are right to an extent. But given the history and stigma attached to the party in power, it’s their duty to quell the notions. They should be extra careful and vigilant. Playing silent is no answer.

Agree that these incidents occur in states. Agree that they are not being initiated by their party and workers. Agree that states should perform their duty. But I do not agree with the helplessness cited by the Central Govt. Deal with states with iron hand which do not curb these incidents.

Else all those advts, about “Desh nahin mitne doonga” would end up being just election jumlas. I urge the PM, not to be like helpless Manmohan. We are behind you. Take the religious intolerants to task. Last thing we want is Congress and its pathetic dynasty, death of ideology and through the roof corruption making a comeback.

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October 19, 2015 at 7:29 pm

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BJP confers Bharat Ratna on Rahul Gandhi

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It was being discussed in power circles over last week or so. With the outcome of assembly results of Jharkhand and J&K, it has been made official. BJP Govt has decided to confer Bharat Ratna on Rahul Gandhi.

The sense of adulation towards Rahul is profound within BJP. Earlier in the media name of Atal Bihari Vajpayee was doing rounds for this award. When asked, BJP spoke person had this to say, “No doubt Atalji, Advaniji laid the foundation of our party. However it was Rahul who has worked hardly and helped BJP achieve glorious heights today. We wouldn’t be grateful enough if we ignore his contribution to our party and the nation. Without Rahul’s statements and lack of charisma, Modiji might not have become PM and driven hard the development agenda. Rahul is apple of nation’s eyes.”

Congress was quick to issue a defense. “Conferring Bharat Ratna on Rahul is a joke. What has he done? Other than to systemically eradicate Congress and propel BJP back to power. This is a vicious attempt by BJP to placate people faithful to them. We condemn it right, left and center.”

Rahul Gandhi was too happy to say anything. When prodded for a statement, he said, “Bharat Ratna is a state of mind. In my mind I am Global Ratna. Globe at my house has Bharat also. So I was already Bharat Ratna. However it feels nice to get that ribbon and pendant. Nice design I say”.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and should be taken with humor.

Written by arpitgarg

December 24, 2014 at 12:00 pm

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