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Woman in the Mirror

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woman in mirrorIt was chilly winter evening. The fog was getting thicker. I was out on my evening stroll. “I should have worn a thicker jacket”, thought I. The cold was bone wrecking.

I had walked a good distance from my apartment and I decided to head back. “A shot of scotch, is all I need”. Just as I was crossing the road, I saw a flicker in an apartment right ahead of me. It was the fourth floor, east facing flat. The suddenness and high frequency of flicker took me by surprise.

I forgot all about the chill. Took a step back to the pavement and looked up to the balcony closely. I could clearly make out the silhouette of a woman against the wall. “What was that?” I stood startled. A vertical ring of smoke? “No, it can’t be!” I tried to assure myself. But it was right there, staring at my face. The lady seemed to enter the ring, which now became clear to me, was like a portal. The shadow entered the ring and to my horror, the part which passed the portal, was not visible. I could see only half the shadow now.

A chill ran down my spine. What in the devils name was this? I counted; the apartment was 3rd from the corner. I walked up to the building. The gate was open. Even the cold could not stop me from sweating now. Terrified I took the stairs to the 4th floor. One, Two, Three. I was standing at the door of the devils apartment.

Should I or should I not? “I have to, I have to”. I buzzed. Nothing; I buzzed again. No response. Trembling I pushed against the door. It broke open. I entered, shaking in fear. It was pitch dark. I searched for the switch. Almost fell, as I hit something. I got hold of the switch and turned it, panicking.

Horror! The apartment was empty. No one was there. No woman, no portal. Nothing! Bedding was laid out neatly and rest of the room also looked unused. Near the end of my wits, I checked the wardrobe, under the bed, in the bathroom. Nothing!

Sigh! I smiled at my foolishness. All ado for nothing! It was indeed a figment of my imagination. I sat down on the bed and look a breath. Just then I noticed something. It looked like ash near my feet. A straight line of ash. I looked up. There was mirror. In the mirror, a lady. I jumped up. No one behind me. Just in the mirror. A lady struggling to get out. My heart skipped a beat. I dashed for the door and ran all the way home. Almost collided with few people on my way. Took a shot of whiskey and closed my eyes.

Next morning I saw news about a building that went up in flames. It looked familiar. I walked briskly to the place. I saw the building burnt to ground. “A man was seen running away from the building last night, just before the fire broke. Police are looking for him”, I heard a by-stander. I exited the scene terrified and confused.

It has been good twenty years. I still don’t know what happened that night. All I am left with is the haunting memory of the woman in the mirror.


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September 28, 2015 at 3:34 pm

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