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Stop Religious Intolerance, Stop Congress from making comeback

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To the incidents of religious intolerance across the country, Central Govt’s argument is, “Law and Order is a state subject and states are to be blamed”. On the surface this argument seems sound. But is it really?

If we dig deep, this argument feels shallow. What then is the duty of the Central Govt? If they feel state is not doing its duty, should they keep silent? They could have easily shot of stern warnings to states that strict action will be taken if law and order situation does not improve. But Centre has chosen to play dumb.

As to the sympathizers argument that such incidents have also taken in the past without this much hue and cry. They are right to an extent. But given the history and stigma attached to the party in power, it’s their duty to quell the notions. They should be extra careful and vigilant. Playing silent is no answer.

Agree that these incidents occur in states. Agree that they are not being initiated by their party and workers. Agree that states should perform their duty. But I do not agree with the helplessness cited by the Central Govt. Deal with states with iron hand which do not curb these incidents.

Else all those advts, about “Desh nahin mitne doonga” would end up being just election jumlas. I urge the PM, not to be like helpless Manmohan. We are behind you. Take the religious intolerants to task. Last thing we want is Congress and its pathetic dynasty, death of ideology and through the roof corruption making a comeback.

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October 19, 2015 at 7:29 pm

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