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Intolerance Debate: Understanding the Celebrity Shaming

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celebrity_shaming.jpgA lot of celebrities were shamed, trolled for speaking their mind on intolerance. According to me they have every right of sharing their feelings. No one can take that away.

Somewhere media belittled the issue by highlighting the cases of Shahrukh and Aamir. What started off as celebrity trolling was relegated to an issue with religious undertones. In reality it was not just about the two superstars, a lot of writers were trolled too who did not share the same religion. But this angle was forgotten.

I want to explore the celebrity shaming issue in totality. I feel that even if Akshay Kumar would have said what Shahrukh said, he would have been subjected to the same. I am not defending the social media abuses that were hurled at anyone who said the country is intolerant. I am trying to understand why these celebrities were taken to task.

What I feel is, when common people saw these well off people cribbing about intolerance, somehow the anger erupted. It was like, when common Indian were struggling for water, food, shelter, the people who have everything were busy cribbing about first world problems.

I was talking to a friend of mine and he had this to say. “So the country is too intolerant for these stars who have all the luxuries in the world. They who spend most of time abroad, whose children study abroad, who have havens abroad, they find the country intolerant. By that reasoning, we who have no money to go abroad and have been living in India and will continue to live in India, are ch****a.”

People might have perceived it as rubbing the salt in their wounds. I don’t think it was related to national pride, as it was related to being laughed at. A rich person cribbing is never a humble figure. Feeling is like, “they crib with all the wealth, we who don’t have much should commit suicide then”.

Better would have been if these celebrities would have cribbed after donating part of their wealth. It would have given them some moral weight. In the absence of that, they came out as greedy people who are not content even with the entire world at their feet.

I might be wrong here. But this is what I feel.

Written by arpitgarg

April 25, 2016 at 9:55 pm

Population Explosion: Root cause for intolerance

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population.jpgThis is a clear case of looking at the wrong place. Right wing extremist ideology was blamed for intolerance by self proclaimed liberals and leftists. Then these liberals and leftists themselves went overboard and came out as more intolerant. People kept hurling abuses at each other amidst a polarized atmosphere. But what is the real reason?

Well, the reason behind such confrontations is the population explosion. The root cause! Imagine if India had population of say 2-3 crore. Everyone was wealthy with lots of food, good education and what not. Would we have seen such issues? I think No!

People want more attention and larger piece of the pie. Hardly anyone wants to do social service. Everyone has an agenda. There is no other fight other than the fight for more resources.

The biggest act of intolerance people commit is denying food/house/respect to the poor. But since poor have no voice, there is no talk about these intolerance’s. Instead we see people with full stomach crying from their rooftops that no one respects them anymore, no one likes them anymore. People evoking controversial issues on facebook/twitter and then crying wolf when trolled by equally useless full-stomach people.

We are sick and tired of all this. If you want to help, give all your money to poor. And then we can talk. But I know you will not as I for one will not. I am too selfish. I might cry intolerance to get more attention and bigger piece of the pie. And I will be a hypocrite and not admit it. Even the trolls opposing these cry babies are the same. They hate to see others trying to hog limelight and thus berate them.

Mind you they also do nothing for the problems that ails our country. Just sit in an AC room, eating popcorn, on their macbook and tweet tweet tweet, as I am doing right now. And I can tell you why they like it.

Written by arpitgarg

February 5, 2016 at 2:00 pm

To Aamir: Terror has no Religion & Intolerants have no Nation

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Aamir Sir, when some people started lambasting you for the intolerance remarks, I stood up for you. You, whose movies I have loved, laughed and cried with. I would have stood up for all my childhood superstars be it Akshay, Shahrukh or Salman. I also stood up as your fellow citizen. We follow our heroes closely Sir and I know you as a person who only likes to express himself via your movies; a person who does not like to pursue any political agenda.

But the statement you issued post the incident, has saddened me. When you said, “To all the people shouting obscenities at me for speaking my heart out, it saddens me to say you are only proving my point”, I didn’t like it. I will tell you why.

People shouting obscenities at you are not the poll bearers of our nation. They are pathetic people who insult our nation. Why I am sad is coz, during the same interview you said, “People who kill citing Kuran are not Muslims. They are terrorists. Terror has no religion.” I couldn’t have agreed more.

Why then you consider people who threw obscenities at you ‘the face of intolerant India’. They are just bad people who like to badmouth other people. They got nothing to do with tolerance or intolerance or nation. If we go by your logic then Islamophobia will also be a ‘proven point’, which it is not.

You might have been hurt. I also feel hurt at times, but if we start generalizing for “proving my point”, something is wrong.

Just as you said, a person killing in the name of Allah is not a Muslim, he is just a terrorist. I request you Sir to consider the people who threw obscenities at you as just bad people. They have nothing to do with tolerance or intolerance or nation.

Written by arpitgarg

November 26, 2015 at 6:31 am

Of Tormentors and ‘So Called’ Saviors

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indiaLying down, old and tired, I am wondering what is happening? I have faced a couple of attempts to my life, a whole lot of diseases, bouts of indigestion. My will to live and level of immune system let me sail through all these hardships all these years.

As a newborn, my father was taken away from me. A fanatic shot and it was curtains. I learned to live without him. I had an amputation right at my birth. I felt extreme pain but braved the surgery to survive. I had a troubled childhood. Before I was 15, I had couple of attempts on my life already. Such had been my lineage. A part of my head still has scars from deep cuts as reminiscence of those attacks.

I was teased regularly by people in my neighborhood. However I always helped them. I stood up for lady next door. Her husband used to beat her up daily. I said enough. Gave her enough will and support to divorce that evil man and find independent existence. Alas! That lady never was grateful. Tried to mug me a couple of times!

I found myself all chained up and locked up for a number of years by a dictator. I felt so helpless and full of resentment. One day I finally burst of anger and broke the shackles. Dictator was thrown off only to be back. Sometimes I wonder what was wrong with me. Was it my humility and good nature that they exploit?

I was labeled mad. Was subjected to mental shocks. All to get hold of me. I resented and survived again. I was attacked again and again and again. I saw bystanders just whistling and looking the other way. I witnessed them being bribed not to help me. They knew I was being tortured but they were kept placated by my tormentors.

I have grown old now. I don’t hold anything against anyone anymore. Just when I am trying to relax, having gone through a tumultuous life, I see a lot of those bystanders coming back. They say they are trying to save me. I am not sure from what.

They say they won’t let me get hurt. I am not sure from what. I ask them to go hunt my old tormentors if they are so concerned. They go silent; they say nothing.

They just keep on saying they will save me from what is happening. I am not sure what that is. I ask them to get lost. They say they won’t tolerate such intolerance.

Who am I? I am India.

Written by arpitgarg

November 3, 2015 at 5:37 am

Being Civil

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civilityHave you ever thought what ‘Being Civil’ really means? Is it confined to eating with forks, talking politely, not break societal rules? Well for me being civil is curbing your true instinct.

Humans house a pre-historic brain. Our subconscious has been developed over thousands of centuries. In effect our brain hosts instincts that are pre-historic, from an uncivilized era. So when we behave as per the rules of civil, we are not letting our instincts act freely. We are taming them into something artificial. Some might call this act as ‘Being Civil’. I call it plain stupidity. Intolerance, for lack of a better word, against our instincts. Who knows I must just return an award against this intolerance. Just kidding!

What civility does is to stop you from beating up a man who misbehaves with your lady. What civility does is to stop you from throwing someone over the cliff when you should have but you let him live and sin some more. What civility does is to say ‘Please’ to someone evil who comes to your door, rather than release the hounds on him. What civility does is to make you feel castrated when it comes to act. Sometimes I wonder how ‘Being uncivil’ would be.

Chaos or Order; Noise or Peace. Sanity or Insane; Feeble or Brave. We cannot be sure enough and can just imagine. But what I know for sure is it would be a far more exciting time. We won’t be curbing our instincts after all.

Written by arpitgarg

November 3, 2015 at 4:51 am

Stop Religious Intolerance, Stop Congress from making comeback

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Hand - Stop

To the incidents of religious intolerance across the country, Central Govt’s argument is, “Law and Order is a state subject and states are to be blamed”. On the surface this argument seems sound. But is it really?

If we dig deep, this argument feels shallow. What then is the duty of the Central Govt? If they feel state is not doing its duty, should they keep silent? They could have easily shot of stern warnings to states that strict action will be taken if law and order situation does not improve. But Centre has chosen to play dumb.

As to the sympathizers argument that such incidents have also taken in the past without this much hue and cry. They are right to an extent. But given the history and stigma attached to the party in power, it’s their duty to quell the notions. They should be extra careful and vigilant. Playing silent is no answer.

Agree that these incidents occur in states. Agree that they are not being initiated by their party and workers. Agree that states should perform their duty. But I do not agree with the helplessness cited by the Central Govt. Deal with states with iron hand which do not curb these incidents.

Else all those advts, about “Desh nahin mitne doonga” would end up being just election jumlas. I urge the PM, not to be like helpless Manmohan. We are behind you. Take the religious intolerants to task. Last thing we want is Congress and its pathetic dynasty, death of ideology and through the roof corruption making a comeback.

Written by arpitgarg

October 19, 2015 at 7:29 pm

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